Gifts for occassions

Different types of rakhi- Cool, and unique rakhis.

It’s time to end the era for same old round, floral, pearl or stone rakhi and think of new, different, unique and special rakhi  for our brothers this year. 

Rakhi is a sacred thread tied to a brother by his sister symbolising him as the protector of her life. This neither restricts to any religion nor to blood relations. Woman considering anyone as her brother can tie rakhi and express her love and affection through the  upcoming celebration in series, that is RAKSHABANDHAN. It’s on the 15th of August,yes on the day of India’s Independence, where many of our brothers lost their lives to get it .

We girls rely on our brothers to protect us in all the parts and participles of our lives. On such a happy occasion of honoring, we will be proud to give a great gift of our love and  soul to them by tying rakhi. But when we go to the bazaar to buy a rakhi, OMG!!!😲

Head spins and tired  of seeing the same type of rakhis every year. Same old designs of Ganesha rakhi, pearl rakhi, floral rakhi, kundan rakhi, glittering stone rakhi etc. Etc.,

What to decide?

What to pick?

What not to pick?

oof!!!πŸ˜”. With great difficulty and after searching in various stores  we end up in the same type every year. 

Now this year this would change. We have cool, mischievous and heart touching rakhi ideas on our shelf. 

#Personalised rakhi : 

Personalised Rakhi

Some of us have a nature of uniqueness,should gift my behalf in a very different and outstanding way.  Name and the picture of ourselves are the first unique and outstanding aspect that first comes to our mind. 

The best idea for customization is a rakhi with 

-picture of your cool bro 

-picture of togetherness.

-Both names or his name in a stylish print.

-hykoo written for your brother 

-pet name that always irritates him and many more. 

There are a lot of personalised gifts and types of customising it. why not the same applies for a rakhi? Try it. Your brother will keepsafe it always. 

#Edible rakhi:

Edible Rakhi

My brother is a chotu bhai or a chocolate lover, you have to inspire him by making him smile with his eyes sparkling and mouth wide openπŸ˜ƒWow!!!πŸ˜ƒ.we have an idea for that. 😊THE EDIBLE RAKHI. 

Imagine a rakhi with mouth watering chocolate, wrapped inside a shiny little paper and tied to your brothers hand. He would be overwhelmed with joy. Why not give it a try? 

#Funky rakhi:

Funky rakhi

My brother is very notorious and mischievous, he does everything funny. Which rakhi will make him happy ?  Is this in your mind? 

FUNKY RAKHI is the one that u are looking for.
Here are funky ideas,

-Cool bro rakhi,

-guitar bro rakhi

-muscle bro rakhi, 

-beard bro rakhi, 

-super bro rakhi,

-biker bro rakhi and many other types. Choose the right funky one for your brother.

#Bhaiya aur Bhabhi rakhi:

Couple rakhi

Some of us follow the custom of tying bhaiya and the beloved bhabhi rakhi as she is the better half of him who should be honored along with him.

The best idea for such kind is the COUPLE/ MATCHING*MATCHING RAKHI.

Two rakhis with same pattern and design but one the normal version the other as hanging model for bhabhi. So ladies, tie rakhi for your bhabies and make them feel important. 

#Handmade rakhi:

Handmade rakhi

We always opt for the gift that is created by us.If you are a person who loves to do handy works  and do things on your own, then well and good. 

Tie your sleeves up, collect your tool kit, buy necessary items, ponder on your creativity and spend some quality time . Your own made rakhi is ready. come on you can make it. 

Handmade gifts are the best than anything bought from a store. A small bead on a woollen thread to a quilling type or a silk thread rakhi are all worth when u see the smile of your brother’s face. There are n number of youtube videos which will also be a guide for u. Why to wait? Take a chance, try your level best and make rakhis of your own. 

#Plantable rakhi:

Plantable rakhi

If u are a eco-friendly person who have concern on current situation of environment and wanted to make a difference in every deed of yours, here we have an option for you.
Seeds are bundled up and made up as rakhi. U can tie to your brother, later he can plant it and nurture it as your remembrance.

Let your love of sisterhood grow as tree with strong roots and bear fruits and flowers. Try this as this is the need of the hour.

We  hope we have given you a better and best idea for the beautiful and wonderful occasion for all the sisters among us.

NOTE: Search with these sub headings given, as the keyword in google which will direct you to the right store and website. 

Let’s make a difference. Try these lovely, beautiful rakhis and make your beloved brother to feel more loved. 

Rakhi is the thread that binds two souls in bond of joy forever!

Wish your brother happiness and good luck forever on Rakshabandhan.