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Special and different gifts for new born baby (both boy and girl)

Showers of love and blessings from God are bestowed upon  in abondance, when a baby is born. This small little angel gives immense happiness and joy when we hold them in hands for the first time. Their touch, little smile in corner of lips, blinking eyes, cute yawn and screeching cry makes you feel complete and peaceful in life.The new mom and dad are on cloud nine feeling elevated in spirits and energy level. 

Generally, the mom and dad are ready with all the basic requirements of a newborn like dress, wrapper, towel, cosmetics, swing, car seater, milk bottle, cap, mittens, booties, stroller,crib, baby mattresses, blankets etc. Every basic requirements for a child are googled, discussed with friends, relatives and are made ready by the new mom and dad. We people, who would like to give a very memorable, useful and different gift for the baby end up in adding items to their shelf that are already available in lump sum.Our gift becomes the 11th one of the same kind.

Let’s break the myth of giving same old gifts like dresses, baby set and cosmetic set with new, interesting and useful ideas for the newborn that will stay with them for a longer period of time. 

Let’s make the new mom, dad and baby feel more special and happy with the following gifts.

Baby keepsake box

Baby keepsake box

First time experiences in life are always a keepsake in our memories – first day in college, office, first crush, first love, first date, first salary, first birthday gift of the year, etc.the same way your baby’s first everything i.e., first- strand of hair, nail, fallen tooth, pic of smile, worn dress and many other things is a keepsake that can be treasured. 

A keepsake box is one where we can store all these small, small ever cute baby’s first things. They are little boxes which can be customised as per request. Certain boxes have compartments also for separation. 

A lovely, memorable gift for the newborn. What could be more fascinating than a gift which could be a treasure keeper?

Baby Journal 

Baby journal

Baby keepsake box is for safeguarding treasure, whereas baby journal is for safeguarding precious moments. Baby journal is a customised book where there are many questions asked and provision given for every single detail to be entered. One year journey of kids can be entered including pictures. From who lifted him first in hospital to first birthday pictures can be remembered with this book. 

Any thing u want to remember- when did he first called u mama, what was his first solid food, height and weight chart, family tree, favourite toy, lullaby and many others can be given a mention in this book. 

For some personnel writing their experiences with the child in their own language and style would be more convenient. They would feel more connected and happy when they write it down as a dairy rather than just answering questions. Baby journal for such type is also available. Outer cover, pages are decorated. Content is just that you have to pour your heart out. 

Let’s take a situation. When a child is being gifted by this baby journal at his/her 18th birthday by her parents, how he/she would feel?

Wowwiieee 😍😍 what an emotional feeling. Can’t say it in words right? Then let’s choose this gift for the baby and make their memories a treasure for the future. 

Baby grooming kit 

Baby healthcare grooming kit

There are a lot of baby grooming kits available in market. Baby cosmetics set, dress set and other essentials of baby. But as said earlier, these items are already available.

Let’s consider healthcare/ babycare grooming set. These are essential for maintaining health and hygiene of the baby. These may generally include nail clipper, nose cleaner, finger design toothbrush, hair brush, soft comb, tweezer, round headed scissors, nail file and measuring dropping device. This grooming set is required at all times including travel. These items also come together in a single pack, hence considered easy for travel as we will not miss any of them while travelling. 

Don’t you think we are giving the right gift for health and hygiene of the child? Moreover, these are unique too. 

Monogrammed/ personalised baby gifts

Personalised baby gifts

The basic essentials for a newborn is blanket, towel, pillow,swaddle and bib. These are commonly purchased by new mom and dad even before the baby is born. 

But these would become special and most special when it has baby name on it, when it has the lovely quote about the baby on it. Am I right? 

Yes, personalised blanket, towel, pillow and bib available where customisation can be done with baby names, pet names, short form of name etc and for personalised saddle customisation can be done with name or a quote about the baby.

Personalised gifts are always special as they are especially made for you, they bear your identity in some form. Personalised gifts for newborn are even more special and very sensible gift. 

Baby sleep projector

Sleep projector

Making the baby to sleep is one of the toughest tasks for new mom and dad and it is more difficult for newborn. They are not aware of the differences between morning and night. Sometimes they sleep all morning and are awake all night. This  gift can be little help to this as it would be a great relief for the new parents. 

Baby sleep projector with soft music is the right choice. This can be easily hung in crib/ bed and can be projected on the ceiling. They have cartoons and star images that are projected. Very mild coloured and cool pictures are projected and  are soothing for the baby. Soft music is also played that keeps the baby calm and engaged. Listening to that music and playing with those cartoons, they tend to sleep themselves at one point. These are operated by batteries. Even if the baby wakes up, he/she is not afraid of darkness because of the mild dim light from the projector. 

Let’s make our gift such a useful one and give a relief for the new parents. 

Baby photoshoot 

Newborn photoshoot

Photo is freezing that moment of life into a frame as memory. On the day of birth and three months later, there are a lot of changes in the baby. They completely start portraying characteristics of their parents, but when they are born they  sparkle like a clear dew drop that shines bright in the morning sun. Don’t you want them to treasure that cute little face. 

Baby/ newborn photoshoot is one such gift that u can give the baby. Cute little face with cute little setups and dresses can be captured. All the requirements for the photoshoot will be made available by the photographer themselves 

All we have to do is fix the date after consulting with the new parents and arrange the photoshoot. Trust me, these will be awestruck pics and an unforgettable gift for the baby. 


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