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Different and special gifts for Teachers day

“Better than a thousand days of diligent-study is one day with a great  teacher”-japanese proverb.

Every fine morning the day starts like “Goooood moooorning miss” the dragging chorus is the first song sung by us all in the morning to our teachers at school. Once, when they see us all singing, they give  us a grinning smile saying good morning class,whaaah!!!!! that energizes us, That’s our daily routine.

 Each class will have a basic category of sharp first benchers, the well-listening and struggling middle benchers, the notorious last benchers, who all should be managed by the teachers.How pathetic? Just think of them, among all these different students, they guide us  the right path to be taken, the road to be chosen,the steps to be moved, the role to be played and even the stops or hurdles to be deviated. Such an honorable and responsible souls each and every one of them should be appreciated and honored on the day called Teachers day the 5th of September for being the stepping stones of our success.

Is your teacher’s desk is filled with pens and pen-stand and books being congratulated on teachers day. What is your plan to honor them? Is it your own work or a class representation, just the class tutor? Or lovable  subject teachers too?

Getting confused of all the ways to think about.

It’s our stepping Stones we are going to appreciate, they should be honored in such a way that we will be always reminded. Some of those fantastic ideas are,

Collage of class

Collage ideas

Let’s say you have/ had a wonderful class teacher, she loves each and every one of you as her children, you want to give her a united gift as your token of love, the best way to express this gratitude to your teacher is to give her a collage. This collage can be in different ideas, to say

  • Picture collage

1. Teacher’s name with pictures of all students, class photo and school life.

2. Collage of the word “TEACHER” with the Teacher’s photo of all  years of service (collecting photos through alumni group) 

  • Word collage

 1. Recollect all the major words used by     the teacher during her class and make it as a collage. This will tell her how much interested or inspired you were in her classes.  

2. With all the names of the students, year of class with that particular teacher, best positive characteristics that you admire in that particular person can me made as collage. 

  • Hold placard with the word “Thank You” and invite your teacher to the class.

What could be more fascinating for a teacher than these lovely memorable gifts ?  these ideas will make sure that your teacher’s eyes will roll into tears.

Customized and Personalized

Personalislzed and customized

If you want to thank your teacher  personally and individually for their hard work and effort they have put on you, to show you the right ways and methods to be followed to come up in your life, then this is the right choice. 

Those teachers should be honored with your wonderful words of gratitude.This when done with a greeting card or a thank you card will not suffice. Something more special is required.

Your teacher can be appreciated by giving them some personal work stuff that can be used in their day to day life on which it can be customized too, which will be like adding some cherries on top of your ice cream.

They will be more cherished and will feel proud of being such a wonderful teacher to you.

Personalised stuff like personalised pen, journal, pen stand, table lamp will all be useful and memorable. 

In addition to this, you can gift your teacher a small personalised message jar. Many short notes, messages of his/her teaching highlights, character, attitude, anything and everything can be written and given to her. Wowwiee what a teacher would require more than this. You also can take messages from all your classmates , consolidate, write them and wrap them and present that beautiful jar. This won’t be lying inside the cupboard. This would be a showpiece as well as a lovely remembrance. 

Eco-friendly gifts

Eco friendly gifts

If your teacher is more interested in Eco-friendly way of living and will love the godmother of nature there are some inevitable ideas to please them too. Buy them some miniature table top flower pots which will give them enthusiasm, a succulent that will purify the surrounding air and bring peace, or a cactus that brings positivity around them.

These are pleasant, lovely and positive gifts for them always.

Do it yourself

-Bouquet to the teacher


If your teacher loves creativity and she appreciates  you to do many creative works on your own,then don’t hesitate to thank her on this day by doing things with your own hands. There a some perfect ideas to fit in is to make your own bouquet to impress your teachers. Bouquet can be of different kinds:

  • Bouquet of Paper flowers 
  • Bouquet made of  chocolates
  • Bouquet from lollipops of different shapes.

Why not? You can even make a bouquet with the stationary items that are needed for a teacher. Wonderful idea , isn’t it?

-Hand prints

Hand print arts are a very impressive idea for the teachers day. These becomes very special when a small hand prints makes their day. You can make a whole class handprint collage into different styles with impressive and thankful wordings to express love and gratitude to the teacher. This collage can be made with different colors to say that she as a teacher has added more colors to life. The teacher will be moved with this wonderful touching idea.

Try this idea for kindergarten teachers because they are not only teachers but second mothers.

So folks, try these special gifts and make your teachers feel happy and special.We should be proud and self-esteemed to thank each and everyone of our teacher for making us who we are today.

To add one more note, teachers are not only school teachers and professors. Those who have helped you in your professional life and personal life are also guru and teachers in a way. Make them feel special on that day. 

 Happy teachers day to all the wonderful, lovely and beautiful teachers

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