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Gifts for children’s day

Such wonderful childhood should always be celebrated. Children’s Day is not to be celebrated in schools only. Let’s celebrate in our homes this children’s day, along with children, by bringing out the child in us. 

What i wish to do, this children’s day  along with my son?

Plan for an outing as a child:

Children always love spending time outside. Be it a park, mall, theatre, play area etc. You might have already visited all these places more than once. What special for children’s day? This is the question in your mind right?. 

You can plan for the same place. Same parks, beaches, malls, theatre, play area anything. But this time you will listen to your child. Whatever he/ she says , asks for, should be done without any “NO”. i.e., your child will be the parent in that span of time. 

We have generally seen kids playing games where they will be parents or teachers and they try to control the other. Most of the time they will be imitating their favourite teacher and parents. They love doing it. Call your child and tell them about this small plan in their outing on Children’s day. They would be super excited and would immediately agree. Take them to their favourite place and let them be free to play their your role freely as a child. Let them have fun and enjoy being a kid for a while too. By this way you will learn more about yourself because your child is imitating you and vice versa.

This will make you a step closer to your child, make you understand yourself more and the child will always remember this children’s day in their life. 


  1. Never irritate your child while playing your role and make them feel embarrassed .
  2.  Don’t worry about the 4 people who will backbite you as there is none like that and everyone is busy in their own world.
  3. This is appropriate only for kids above 8 years of age. 
  4. Mobile phones to be strictly prohibited during that time. 


On children’s day cancel all the extracurricular classes- dance class, music class, drawing class, badminton class etc. Let them play whatever they feel, indoor or outdoor games and the extra added cherry is that you are gonna be the coplayer. Play like a child with mud all over you, paint your heart out and become a child with your child. Take snaps of all your togetherness and frame them to relish your relationship with the child. 

Apart from normal games play games like musical chair, dumsharab, activities in chits, involving every member of the family. Play Igames that you have once played when you were a child. They will be happy to know new games and their excitement would reach heights. 

Note: Try avoiding video games, playstation and other mobile games. Always prefer outdoor games

Gift your child:

Boxes wrapped with shining papers, knotted with a small bow and finally the word “Surprise”, bring immense joy to the child. Children love gifts and your celebration of chidren’s day shall end with a lovely gift. Here i give you few ideas of gifting

  1. Soft toys but not the usual one. If your child has drawn an imaginery character or if it their first  own drawing, then convert it to a soft toy so that it will remain with them for years. 
  2. Personalised jigsaw puzzle with kids faces or family pictures.
  3. If they are more keen on a particular sport or art form, gift them with any of those useful things.
  4. A book is always a right gift for a child. One thing to remember is that let that book be one which they will enjoy and read. A comic book, adventurous tales, favourite author book might amuse them.
  5. Subscription for any monthly or weekly kid magazine which they love and to any useful mobile application.
  6. Anything which they have been asking from you for a long time 

With all these ideas i hope you make this children’s day very special and memorable for your children. Having said all this I would like to deeply impregnate one thought in everyone’s mind – “Give your time for your child. Spend quality time together and make everlasting cherishable memories”. 

Happy children’s day. 

Unleash the child within you and enjoy children’s day. 

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