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The one gift for new year

New year is all set to bloom unfolding all new adventure, energy and enthusiasm in our lives. When a new year is born, positivity rises giving a new perspective of life. We always prefer to welcome the first minute or the second of the new year by holding hands of our loved ones. We wish to spend the first day of the year with them, making memories and moments to cherish throughout the year. The cherry on the top of this celebration are ‘GIFTS’. The right gift are always special and makes  to remember you the entire year. This blog is completely on that “ONE PARTICULAR GIFT” . 

Let’s list all the items that we use every single day. Wrist watches, wallets, mobile phones, perfume and  cosmetics. If these are given as gifts, you will probably be remembered daily but the excitement of gifting will be lost as these are cliche. Any item when personalised becomes special and unique as they  depict an individual. What if u can personalise an item in any way like adding photo, adding quotes, adding love messages, adding motivational lines, adding space for writing ? Bravo !!! Yes such personalisation is possible only in this common item, which is used in everyday life and this the right gift for this new year. 


You may think it as a silly gift but everyday it makes your loved ones feel special because of the personalisation done. Lets see in detail of the various types.

Poster calendar:

One memorable photo of your beloved one makes the calendar. A single photo with all the months depicted in a shiny glamour paper makes a poster  calendar which is wall hung.

Personalised wall calendar:

If you feel there are many photos which will be loved by your beloved one, then you can choose personalised wall calendar. One photo or a collage of photos in separate sheets for every month can be given. There can be some messages written based on the photo also. Photos can be selected based on birthday or any other special days in a family. Won’t that be a memorable, lovely gift for the entire year?.

Desk calendars:

Desk calendars are the most cute one and they can be used in office desk, study table, dressing table etc. There are various types of personalisation that can be done as below.

Personalised text or messages calendar:

Write a text or message for every month and bring smile in them. Let that message be more appropriate to every month filled with love and romance. It can also be some motivational words to make them keep going. How nice it would be to start a day with a lovely message or quote ? 

Personalised photo calendars:

These are similar to that of personalised wall calendar. A photo or a collage can be given in separate sheet of every month. To make it more useful select  photos depicting important dates in that particular month, hence it becomes a tool for their remembrance also. 

Calendar with notes:

If your loved one has the habit of maintaining a diary for fixing up events or orders (based on the nature of work) then this is the right gift for them. These desk calendars have space  for writing notes close to every date along with a pouch for holding pen.

Perpetual calendars: 

As the name goes these calendars can be used continuously for all years . The perpetual calendars does not have year and the date, day and month needs to be fixed manually daily. There are various types of these perpetual calendars. I will here discuss about two common one. 

Rotating  circular wall hung perpetual calendar:

Day, date and month can be fixed by rotating all three of them separately and these can be made personalised too with photos or text messages.

Desk calendar with blocks:

These types of calendars have blocks of numbers which can be arranged as dates, 3 to 4 blocks of months and 2 to 3 blocks of weekdays. These are to be set in the wooden frame given. These can also be personalised by writing name or quotes in the wooden frame. 

Easel calendar:

Again as the name goes by these calendar are small desk calendars which are made to stand upright in a wooden frame. There are twelve sheets for every month and they come with quotes and small space for writing notes. They look very professional and cute in office space. 

I hope this would give an insight on the new year gift. Try these amazing gift ideas and give us your feedback.