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First birthday gift- boy and girl

I am a blogger by profession, working from home mother of a one yea,,,,r old boy. I discontinued my engineering profession and became a full time blogger, after his birth. In many roles that I  play in daily life, motherhood is the best and toughest part. Tough not in raising a child but in grooming oneself to be a good parent, as you will be their first role models. Being a mother, now i have learnt to be more tolerant, enthusiastic, responsible  and kind. 

Role of a mother is not only difficult in bringing up the child but in gifting also. As a sister, wife, friend, daughter i can understand the likes , dislikes and needs of every relationship and hence gifting job becomes easy. Mostly gifts are either useful or very innovative in  remembrance of the special occasion. But as a mother what I would gift my son on his first birthday, who has no idea of what gifts are all about. This thought was lingering in my mind for quite a long time.

There came this different idea of collecting memories from his first year of born and giving it in future, mostly when  he turns 18. This sounds silly, right? But trust me , this could be the best gift in his lifetime.

I have done the following things from his first birthday. 

Writing baby journal:

Baby journal

First year of a child is the best part of parenthood, as you admire and treasure every small deed of kids. They have most of  their first times in life only in their first year ,Such moments need to be recorded as your memory would fade away in this fast moving life. 

I have written his baby journal which was already a designed one with lots of questions. By writing every small and cute little thing about my son made me happy and joyful. 

I have collected photos, every small detail in this book.  I hope he will have laughter and tears when he reads it. 

Collection of keepsake items:

Keepsake box

I have collected most of his first used items and kept separately in a wooden keepsake box. His first used dress, brush, gloves, shoes, bangles and the first toy which he held in hand and many other small small cute little things have gone into this keepsake box. The small tag( S/o of &&&&) that they have tied to his hand when he was born is also treasured in the box. 

How  would he feel when i give such a gift on his 18 birthday? I am feeling overwhelmed thinking about that future incident now. 

1 minute video on this 1 year:

Video with photos

Photos plays the best role in recalling memories. Every photo has its own story to narrate. Video makes you to live that life again. I have made a one minute video collecting all cute, lovely and memorable photos of my son merging with a suitable song. When I see that video, I recall this entire year before my eyes, with my lovely son. It’s a nostalgic experience. But how will I present him ? I have considered all the possibilities like saving in a pendrive and keeping it in a keepsake box, storing in a hard disk or making many copies in cd,pendrive, laptop etc and retrieving when required. But after 18 years or more the technology may be completely different, we may not be able to use the same pendrive, cd or hard disk . Hence, I have decided a new plan for it and would like to admit that this idea is not an original one,  was from a friend of mine. 

I am creating a mail account on his name with all the valid credentials and would send the video and any other important pics or information to this mail. I will maintain this mail id for the comin)g years and give it to him in the future. Won’t it be the best one ??

Wishes for future: 

Wishes in an index card

Have u experienced the joy of reading your slam book of your school or college friends after 10 years and more? It would be funny, emotional and filled with positivity. Similarly this gift is of the same type. I have given small index cards and asked all family and friends, who came for the birthday party  to write anything for my son.Everyone showed lot of interests and wrote their wishes and blessings. The best part is that every kid who came for the party also wrote their wishes which made me feel touched. These wishes cards will be stored in his keepsake box. 

These are the gifts that i have made and preserved for my cute little baby which i will give him when he turns 18. I hope he loves all these small small treasures when he grows up into a man. 



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