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“A day without laughter is a day wasted”- Charlie Chaplin

Laughter is the best medicine in the world.  Laughter strengthens immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects from the damaging effects of stress. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Such is the power of laughter in one’s life. Very few people have the ability to make others laugh. If you can make one person laugh in a day without hurting or degrading any other person, then you are the best in humanity. 

Gifts are not only for special occasions, expressing love, care and respect. Sometimes gifts can also go nuts and become as funky, quirky and naughty gifts. These funny gifts gives laughter, crazy moments and create memories. Here we shall give you some funny gift ideas to make laughter not only on special day but anyday.


Photo as caricature

Caricature by definition itself means “a picture or description of somebody that makes his/her appearance or behaviour funnier and more extreme than it really is”.  This is a personalised photo gift with a twist of comedy within. In this type of personalisation with photo , the features of face will remain the same, whereas the body figure can be made to any type like doctor, super man, chef, body builder etc.. as per requirement. If you have a different portray of a person in your mind and if you wanna reveal to them comically then this is the right gift. It brings a big laughter for the receiver and it would take a special place in their showcase.

Jar of nothing:

Jar of nothing

You might have heard about 50 reasons why i love you, 100 messages of love, 20 reasons that you are the best husband etc., gifts .These are small , cute and heart touching messages rolled in small pieces of paper and generally available in jars . But Jar of nothing is literally nothing. You will have a designed jar with nothing inside. This gift is for person who literally says “Nothing” when u ask for, but never mean so. You can give the jar with nothing inside or with some naughty notes to irritate them but remember to finally give a note in their hand to express your love to them. 

Emoji indoor slippers:

Emoji slippers

Soft, cushioned and emoji indoor slippers are available in the market. Buy a pair of different emojis and gift the person whom you want to know their mood every now and then. Probably your wife would be the best person for this gift. She would be happy to receive such a gift and you can also know the current mood of your wife with the emoji. What a double purpose gift. Right?

Funny awards:

Funny awards

Awards are always a way to encourage and bring more enthusiasm to achieve more. Achievements are now generally categorised only in big terms, mostly in professional life . Small deeds, daily activities that bring a difference in someone’s life and personal life achievements  are always ignored for appreciation.How about an award for such small things?. For eg. Award for 

  • The early riser
  • The best cook
  • The best adviser
  • Fitness freak
  • Most humorous person

Awards can also be in the following way:

  • Best drama queen
  • Lazy bum
  • Couch potato
  • The fashionista 

Hence awards can be given for anything and it can be completely personalised as per need. Give more awards in personal life as a  token of appreciation or to bring laughter.

Personalised comical gifts:

Personalised comical gift

Any gift that can be personalised can be made funny . Adding the only known to you nick names, funny quotes, all time expression of that person (oh my god, sh***) as personalisation makes the gift more comical.There are wide range of products from small greeting card, mugs, photo frames, T shirts, key chains etc. Aprons with funny characters seems *to be a good gift for the chef of the home. As i always say personalised gifts are always special and unique as they depict individualism and specially made for them. 

Funny board games:

Funny games

A person becomes happy when you unleash the child in them. Games are one way for it. Funny games would rather do it more easily. There are different types of funny board games like 

  •  pie  face
  •  hedbanz
  • fibber/ liar
  • googly eyes
  • watch ya mouth

These games are generally played in a group and are more comical. 
These are some of the few funny gifts that are rare and unique. Try these and bring happiness  in your loved one’s face. 


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