Gifts for her

Gifts for special woman on women’s day

Before starting with, we wish all the  lovely, humanely and peaceful woman out there a very Happy Happy Women’s day. 

As you guess, this blog is on gifts for women’s day with a twist indeed. It is not about gifting  your mother, sister, wife, friend or a corporate employee but, for some other woman in your life. 

Women’s day in elite world:

Earlier before the internet era, our country rarely celebrated women’s day. But in today’s scenario, we have celebrations, recognitions for women workin&g in corporates , every product having separate advertisements  for women’s day, wishes in social media from top women ministers to small girl child, lot of offers/ sales on women products etc, etc. If you are working in an office you would have received a sumptuous lunch, a gift , if you are a house wife you would have received gifts from your husband, kids and lots of wishes from friends, buddies etc etc.

Women’s day for commoner:

Is Women’s day same for every women out there?. Are all women appreciated / recognised/ helped to be a better person of them  self , i would definitely say no. The woman whom we see daily, the woman who is equally struggling in life like us for a better tomorrow, the woman who toils for the goodness of family, the woman who is more strong both physically and mentally are not appreciated and recognised. These women are our maids, housekeeping staff in office, vegetable seller, sales person in shop, garbage collectors, tailors, municipality workers, roadside food sellers etc. 

These women out there work double the time than us but they are paid very less. We strive mentally whereas they strive physically, not only in jobs / work place but also in personal front as they have to take care of their entire family without  support. Office going women have maid for cleaning, washing utensils, cooking and everything. They can’t afford one. They have to do all by themselves in home and work place too. The amount of agony, stress they go through is immense which they mostly hide it behind a smile. In my life, I always see them as my inspiration to push myself up and keep going. 

Gift for woman you care:

On this women’s day let’s take time to appreciate, recognize these beautiful souls with small, useful gift. Any small useful gift specially for them will make their day. Handbag, purse, saree/ clothes, watch, makeup set(if they are interested), coolers, accessories, slippers, mobile phone etc anything which will be used by them, which they need badly and which they love to have can be given. It’s a sign of appreciation and recognition for making our lives simple and easy. What a woman needs more than few words of acceptance, recognition and appreciation? Let’s make this women’s day special for everyone and bring smile around you. 


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