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Gifts and surprises during quarantine

The world is under chaos. Lot of pressure and stress among governments to contain the spread of virus. Every individual is locked inside home . Work from home has become predominant, classes have become online and shops are opened only for essentials. No gatherings, parties, family functions, spiritual events, no cricket/ football matches and above all no hand shake.  We have not thought in our life that we would face such a situation. But one thing we all know “THIS SHALL PASS TOO”. 

EIn-spite of all these concerns, we have understood one thing- FAMILY is everything. We can be cut off from the entire world and still survive if we have a family.

“Family is the most important thing in the world” – Princess Diana

I hope you all are spending these uncertain moments with family and creating memories to look back . But are you wondering how to make your loved one’s special day more special without going out, partying, dinner and gifts? Here I come for your relief with some ideas that can be as simple as saying 2+2 is 4,  but yet they are potential to cause happy tears. 

Night 12o clock cake cutting, making surprises with close buddies, gifting an costly gift, dinner in an esteemed restaurant etc, are not only that makes your dear one’s happy and fulfilled. A small gesture of your love makes them feel complete. This quarantine care each other and spread love.

DIY gifts:

As I always say gifts with lot of efforts are more precious and valuable than the costly one. Any thing that you make spending your time, energy and with love,  that means more to the moon and star. Here we go with easy diy ideas :

Greeting card: 

It need not be the proper designed card with full colours, pictures etc., Take a plain sheet of paper, draw/ paint/ colour if you really want to, write heart warming lines to your dear one’s , fold it into two, write from and to with cute nick names and draw a most appropriate smiley emoji ( as per the words inside) in the front side and hand it over to them. 

Note: You can use the stationary of your kids to make it look vibrant and colorful.

Cook a meal: 

You can’t surprise them  with a dinner in an esteemed restaurant now. That’s okay, make your home as one. Prepare a lovely, delicious and most favourite dish for your loved one’s, set your table with candles, dim lighting in the surrounding and mild music around. Dress up lovely and serve hot. It’s more like a candle light dinner all done by yourself. Great, isn’t it?


Flowers have always been a part of our gifts in most of the special occasions. Flower bouquets can be now replaced with bouquets made out of fruits, chocolate and paper flowers. There are n number of online videos available on the same. Try these new types of bouquet and make a classic gift. 

Fashion wear:

In your busy normal days of life i.e., before quarantine, you might have postponed the idea of buying a new outfit for the special day later. Now that we are under complete lock down, you can’t do it as planned. So what ? Let’s become a fashion designer for our loved one’s now. Taker his/ her old dress- t-shirt, pant, kurti top any outfit and make designs   with some guidance from youtube. There are more videos to make a fashion wear from old clothes. 

Note: please don’t use any dress item which are very new and favourite to them. This is a caution message­čśť.

Encourage to be a star:

This quarantine is being a self realisation or self assessment time for many of us. We are recollecting our hobbies, entertainment and interest of earlier days and trying to spend time on it. I now see  social media pages flourishing with arts, crafts, music, dance, cooking, acting etc., posts and videos. 

If  your dear one is trying to improve skills both professionally and personally give a helping hand by guiding them. Subscribe them to any online courses, e-book, professional tutors to make them more confident, independent, happy, above all the feeling of satisfaction. 

This makes a perfect gift for this quarantine.

Break the routine: 

In our homes, there is always a person who make it a home by doing all the chores. Now in this quarantine, the daily chores could have doubled. You might have seen them toiling all day for your comfort of working from home. For those loved one’s of yours, the biggest gift that you can give them- “a day off from the daily routine”. You can either help them or do all the daily routine such that they can binge watch a series, enjoy movie marathon or take a long nap. Won’t it be the easiest gift that you can give them on a special day? 

Surprise at home:

Are above all said ideas  not working out for you due to some reason? Here we give the simplest ways of expressing love. You might be having simple gifts like a rose, a chocolate, a keychain etc., to give them, but make it more special with these surprise ideas

Treasure hunt: 

Like the game of treasure hunt, you can leave clues at many places leading one to another and finally to the gift. 

Open and search:

Fill up a big cardboard box with lot of items like small  balls, balloons, colour papers , newspapers etc., and hide your gift in there. Let your loved one search with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Solve the puzzle:

Make a small puzzle or a crossword game. The criteria required here is one answer should lead to another question and the final answer should be your gift. Simple but entertaining ones will make your day.

Hope these ideas of gifting, even not big, would make your loved one’s special day more meaningful, thoughtful and give a  feeling of being loved.

Happy gifting!!

#stay home #stay safe.

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