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Gifts ideas for friends in hospital

“The last leaf” is a well known and most famous story by the author O.Henry. Most of us would have come across it (if not pls read it once). This story is the need of the hour . To summarize in short, an old artist who always wanted to paint a masterpiece, saves a young girl who is down with pneumonia . Through her window she could see an old tree crawling over the opposite wall , shedding all its leaves as autumn turns into winter. She thinks that she would die by the time  the last leaf would fall. Daily morning she checked and found that the last leaf was clinging onto the tree. Days passed , she recovered drastically and felt fresh to start a new life. The old artist died of pneumonia because he was the person who drew a leaf , stuck onto the tree and gave her the hope to live daily. The leaf was his masterpiece and his daily encounter in cold weather made him ill. 

This short beautiful story gives us two most important thoughts  required right now. We should never lose hope and give the victims their ray of hope to recover. The least that we can do for our dear one’s during these bad situations is- making them feel special and loved. 

So friends, this blog is on some special ideas to make your dear ones, who are sick, to feel special and loved. Your love will be their ray of hope to fight and live again. 

Motivational quotes:

“Pen is mightier than sword”- strong words may not only change mind but can also save a life. Everyone pushes themselves to keep going,  to raise up and move forward by following some influential personnel or words said by them. All need some motivation to keep up the pace in life. Give your dear ones their favourite quote or photo of their favourite motivator printed in a t-shirt, mug anything that they can visualise it often and feel positive. 

For any ailments the first and foremost thing required is positivity , the thinking that “I will be soon well” should be build around. For building positivity motivation is one of the perfect tools. 

Interactive journal:

These are books that are readily available in the market. These journals are full on fun and encouragement. They contain activities, riddles, puzzles, space to paint, draw, motivational quotes as well as more space for writing. The people who are bound to one room needs distraction to feel alive. This book will be the right distraction. They can engage themselves in these activities and also pen down their thoughts and emotions to look back on these days as a memory lane.

Solo board games:

During the stay in hospital , at times when your dear one is all alone, they can play these solo games ( please note not with phone / tab). There are plenty of solo board games . “Escape room”, “Deckscape”, “unlock” etc.  are some of the board games where they can play themselves and relax a while. These games will make the person more engaged, focussed and energetic. 

Love and love only

Of all the above mentioned ,  this is the most important and unique thing that is required by a person who is sick. When a child gets sick, they seek for their mother. They crave for cuddle, kiss, warmth from the mother always because for a child, mother is the only form of love. When your dear one is sick, you will be their first gift. Give them all your love, care . Be with them always. Cuddle them, kiss them often. Make them feel warm. Cook their favourite meals (by strictly following doctor instructions) ,Feed their meals. Speak about old days and memories. Read a book to them. Listen to their favourite music. Have a smile  always because your smile would be their ray of hope to get well soon. 
Take care of your dear one and yourself too. Stay home stay safe. 

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