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Mother’s day gifts during quarantine

Do I need to tell you the love of mothers? Do I need to elaborate the role and importance of mother in our lives? If I do so, then justice to my blog will be denied because everyone knew it,  not only you but even a new born child from her warmth and touch. The power of motherhood is immeasurable. To say in simple words yet in a wholesomeness,

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers” – Rudyard Kipling.

A day to celebrate her , a day to recognize and appreciate her – mother’s day is being celebrated right today. Let’s see what we can do to make her day more memorable and loved in home itself during this quarantine.

For gifting ideas during this quarantine for your mothers please refer the post –

In the course of growing up, the connect with our mother is little out of loop due to many other priorities of livelihood. This blog is only about connecting the loop again and bringing the bond through small games and lot of time together.

Let’s start her day:

Everyday is started by our mother with her cup of coffee or health drink. She is always the one  to wake up first for daily chores. For today, that is mother’s day, let’s start her day. Make a cup of coffee or complete breakfast for her to have in her bed. Serve with her favourites ones and make her day. What could be more soothing and relaxing for her? She would feel overwhelmed and relaxed. 

How much you know about your mother?

Let’s play a rapid fire round to know how much we know about our mother. Prepare a set of questions of likes, dislikes, favourites and any memorable events in the past. First round ask your father & mother about each other and see who knows more. Second round you participate and find out who knows more about each other. In most cases you will know that your mother is well aware about everyone whereas we know very little about her. 

This game is fun but has a deep understanding of how much we have taken motherhood for granted.


During childhood everyone of us would have played more and there may be some specific games which we love. Ask your mom what was her favourite one?. Play that particular game and unleash the child in her. 

In everyday busy life, mother either working or home maker has never left any stone undone for the family. In this process she would have completely given  up her childishness. Let’s bring back those days for her and create memories. 

In your young age your mother would have been strict, rude or commanding at times but everything was only for your good. For whoever you are today and whatever you  have achieved, one of the reasons would be your mother, her support, love, care, confidence on you and above all her brought up. As you grew up you would have seen a mother becoming a friend who always seek for us but we are busy running the race. This mother’s day spend time with her and get to know her more, she is the only human who would love you unconditionally at any circumstances in life. 

Dear fathers:

The above said ideas are for kids who are grown up and matured enough. If you have new born babies or kids at home, dear fathers it’s your duty to appreciate her on behalf of the kid. 

Give her gifts made by kids themselves. Encourage kids to make a bouquet, art, craft or a  letter to mother and make her feel special. If you have new born babies, give her a greeting card or card with kids handprints and lovely messages that she would keepsakes  for a lifetime. 

Finally I would like to end with a note for my dear mother. 

Hi mom, 

For the person who we are , for all what  we have done in our lives, for all the achievements and the life which we live today were all given to us by you and father. You have taught us life not by mere teaching but by living. You always kept family first than anything. You gave us everything we want and asked for but also taught us how to live with what we have. Even now when we are mother for our kids we can’t be the best like you. You were our role model for kindness, boldness, caring, daring, self centered nature in you. The wisdom in you was our great teacher.

Mom you are our Matha, Pitha, Guru and Devobhava

Happy mother’s day mom and to all the wonderful, lovely mothers out there


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