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Gifts for graduation day

I still remember those days when I’ll be waiting for the post mam to bring my “card of promotion”. Getting promoted to  the next class, I feel the chill tensed relief still.

I used to celebrate that promotion by giving sweets to neighbors and friends.

We get excited and pull out our coller up for a 10/10 then for 100/100 and then for a ” pass- congratulations you are promoted to next class” and so on. This continued in college too,  thrilled to see the results in notice board.

Think about the big picture, the climax of all these efforts ” THE GRADUATION”.

It’s not just hours or days or months of efforts, it’s years and years of efforts to make it to that day. This day should be appreciated and welcomed to honor each and every day of a student.

On this  special day,  a bouquet of flowers and flying colors of balloons in one hand  and sweet in the other will be waiting from a   friend or family member  to congratulate them on their big day of achievement. It is always a memorable day filled with loads of love,hugs and pictures. But along with these it is also necessary to gift them a token of appreciation for the hard work put in. This blog gives you some unique gifting ideas for graduation day.

Off the shelf graduation gift:

Formal outfit:

Oh no, it is so miserable to say I can’t be with you on your big day, I’m not able to hold hands and share happiness . You should be there with your loved ones on their big day. 

In case you are not gonna make it, make sure your presence is endured with a gift of your taste and touch. 

Get them a stunning professional look tux for him or a pretty official dress for her. An outfit for the big day with more professional look and a pinch of naughtiness inbuilt. 

Customized button with their initials or design will give the personal touch for the gift which they will treasure for a long time. 


In this era of artificial intelligence, a new gadget is found every day for mankind. They make life easier and has become a way of life too. Gift your loved one’s with some useful gadget for their near future. 

The most useful gadget during these time of youth are:

  • Portable movie projector
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Fitness tracker
  • Google assistance device

And many others. What could be a best gift than this for a techie lover?

Trips to explore:

Family trip:

We all know how stressful these years would have passed for the students and family members. They support the kids in every way to study, wake them on time, send them for extra classes and provide nutritious food for a healthy mind and body. In these critical years for studies the kids and the family will live in their own world in isolation. So, at this wonderful graduation day  give them a big surprise of planning a trip that brings peace and happiness to your family. Take a jolly trip outside this routine life to feel alive and happy. 

Solo Trip: 

Friends do you remember movie(DDLJ- hindi movie ) the hero and heroines will be sen to a trip to enjoy their time after graduation. Let’s skip the other part of the movie😜. 

This kind of solo trip is a must for youngsters as they can explore different places, different kind of people and different situations to  tackle from which they  get to understand the world.

I can say for sure that this trip will be the most unforgettable experience in their entire life. If they have been asking you for a solo trip for themselves this is the time to say yes. Let them raise and fly high to a whole new world. 

Customized gifts:

Kids have a lot of dreams in their life but they will have a determined dream of what to become. Encourage them, cherish them, motivate them to becometh of what they want to be. Get their best field of interest and customize it to bring up the hope in them.

Gift them a customised caricature and encourage them to foresee the future.  This would be a good psychological gift as it would get reinforced in their subconscious mind. 

Furthermore,  When they have a plan to stay away from home you can gift some customised items as follows:

  • customized hostel supply kit, helpful for basic needs.
  • Customized family portrait pillow for kids to feel being with you always.
  • Customised travel kit travelling. 
  • Get them a customized cooking kit of basics, as a motivation and support to take care of themselves.

Future financial planning:

As we were saying this is not a blue moon day, pink cloud or a cloud with a silver lining that comes by mere luck.

This day will come for each and every person with all his efforts of Short steps. At these efforts we can also contribute them by start saving them each and every penny from the day one of their short steps. Then on that very important moment of happiness we can appreciate them by giving our gratitude to honor in the form of savings for their further higher studies which will be a great helping hand that holds them to climb high without any burden.

Plan for the betterment of your kids, plan for their bright Future by giving them a good education, which will be there to take care just like you.

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