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 To arrive on a topic to write, I was browsing to find a relevant one and  stopped by seeing “World Nature Conservation day”. My mind was blocked and my heart not willing to move forward , i decided to do something for that special day like planting trees,  funding an events, reusing the possible ones etc., but finally ended in writing this blog on gifts. 

You may ask what blog ? why gifts for nature conservation day? Whom to give? This blog is something special. These are gifting ideas not for that particular day, but these are ideas for any day and any event which are environment friendly. 

 Before we hop in to the gifts let me brief you on this day. 

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

July 28 is observed as  World Nature Conservation day to create awareness among mankind in conservation of nature and its resources. We, the Homosapiens species should act responsibly towards our environment. Recent days of developments has put environment in the last option. We rarely care for our surroundings and other species.  “As you sow, so you reap”, finally now we are facing problem for our lives when nature turns against us.  In today’s scenario floods, earthquakes, cyclones, pandemic like corona etc. is a threat to mankind. These situations are arising slowly after many many decades of destruction and pollution. 

For a better environment we should constantly try to coexist along with environment without causing any harm. Here are some environmental friendly and beneficial gift ideas:

Handy compost bin:

Kitchen waste is unavoidable and it constitutes to more than 50% of total waste of household. But these wastes are mostly biodegradable. Anyone who owns a garden, terrace garden or a backyard with plants and trees this compost bin would be very useful. You can do your own compost from kitchen waste in this small bin following very simple and easy process.  

We are reducing waste generation as well as generating the best compost for our beloved trees and plants. 

This compost bin would be a wonderful gift for all the garden and nature lovers . 

Gifts from scrap:

There are plenty of gifts that are made out of waste material and that are easily available in the market. 

  1. Terracotta items like accessories, home decor etc are made out of special type of clay. 
  2. Kitchen accessories, home decors made from coconut shell and coir are also available.
  3. Recycled newspaper pencil
  4. Bamboo tableware and cutlery.

These are just a few to name some. There are plenty more options to explore. Explore and give a valuable gift . A valuable from the waste is a good option for environment and those who loves it. 

Personalised cloth or Jute bags:

In India,  ban  on Plastic bag has been in practice now in recent years. Plastic bags less than 50 microns should not be used by manufacturer and seller. But still, we find plastic bags everywhere. There is little change in use of one time plastic but there is a long way to go. 

To encourage one and another in making the environment plastic free these type of personalised bags with photos, quotes or anything can be gifted as it becomes more intimate. These can also be ordered in bulk and given as return gifts for birthday parties, weddings and professional events. Nice idea and environmental safe too.

Crochet with plarn:

Crochet with yarn( woolen) is very common. But this plarn is new, unique as it  is made from recycled  plastic. The plastic bags, sheets that we are using can be made into a plarn and finally knitted to have door mats, table mat, box, basket etc., 

If you have loved one who know knitting or wanna do , you can give them this set of plarn and crochet tools available in the market. Lovely gift for one’s talent or interest with  recycled material. 

DIY  environment friendly gifts:

For  today’s scenario of social distancing, lock down , etc., let’s see some easy DIY environment friendly gift ideas,

  1. Plant a seed greeting card:

Make a greeting card with all the creativity and love. Wrap few seeds  (your dear one’s favourite plant) and attach them to the greeting card. This is a lovely gift for kids as we encourage them to plant and nurture . They also learn the importance of every life and environment in our planet. 

  1. Craft out of scrap:

Unleash the child in you for this activity. Everyone in our school days have done this activity of making a useful thing like pen stand, photo frame, wall hanging etc.,from waste.  Collect all the waste around you and make a best craft work for your loved ones. 

To end with i have also written a blog on “Paper gifts ideas” i.e useful and easy gift ideas with used paper . Kindly check in the link below.

Guys life is all about give and take policy. When you take something you should give back . Man, all these years is only taking from the environment and never gives back. On this nature conservation day, take an oath to yourself that you will give back to the nature and environment in some way. 

Try out these environmental friendly gifts as this is also a gesture of giving back to nature.

Happy Gifting!!                       

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