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12th of July is celebrated as “Paper bag day” globally. This may be a new thing that you are hearing today right? Yeah, me too fall in the same line.  In the interest of knowing more i asked our friend Mr.Google.

As per history, the first paper bag machine was invented in 1852 followed by many developments. In the world prior to plastic production, paper and cloth bags were used for centuries. There is no concrete information on who started  this Paper Bag day, yet it has been followed for centuries as a good will action to pursue environment friendly habits by encouraging use of paper bags.

On this “Paper Bag day”, let’s pledge to be more environmentally conscious in all our deeds. Gifting can also be environmentally friendly. There are n number of environment friendly gifts in the market, which are safe even when disposed. This blog is “Paper bag day” special, which will talk  only about gifts that could be made with paper at home. This also could be some best gifting options especially during  these days of crisis and lockdown.

Newspaper puzzle:

This is completely a very simple and effective way of gifting. Take a newspaper (same day paper) , and consider the most favourite section  that your loved one’s like to read. Have a phrase, love quote, or anything that you wanna say. Mark these letters one by one randomly in that particular page. Ask them to collect all the letters in a separate sheet and guess the statement. But its difficult at this stage without hints.

Provide them with hints for easy understanding and guessing. This looks very simple but yet interesting and engaging. This is a gift as well as a keepsake for the future. A game, a gift, a keepsake just with a single daily newspaper. What a nice idea. Right?

Origami cards:

Make simple origami structures like birds, butterfly etc,  with coloured paper. If colour sheets are not available, use the paper bags(stiff paper bag types). For the touch of love, write what you feel about your loved ones either inside  origami art or as an extra attachment to the art. Stick these art pieces very evident to their eyes. Make many such pieces and show abundant love and emotions. There are more videos available for making origami art which are very simple and easily understandable.

To add sweetness in your love, use some lollipops and make butterflies with love filled messages.

So this types of paper art, chocolates and love messages would be the best combination for happiness and joy on a special day.

Gift wrappers with paper:

The thrill of untying the bow, unwrapping, cutting the edges and opening the gift box is always a pleasure for everyone. Generally gifts are bought and wrapped in a gift box. This time let’s make the gift box ourselves. Make a small gift box with chart paper or a used paper bag and decorate them with bow, small real flowers, beads etc.,

Fill in the box with small pieces of newspaper, thermocole balls or colour paper along with the gift you have planned for. Your loved one’s will be overwhelmed and the joy of searching for a gift gives more joy and happiness.

The other way is that you can make cute looking paper bags with used one and give surprises. In these time of quarantine/ lockdown even though the gifts are as small as chocolates, love message card, book anything , these small handmade paper bags and gift boxes along with the small game of searching makes your gift more incredible and worthy.

Paper craft as gift:

Gift made by hand speaks 1000 times of your love than it is bought. If you are interested in craft works and wish to surprise your dear one’s, here are some easy paper craft ideas for gifting.

  1. Paper bouquet
  2. Four cups game with sweet wishes and messages beneath every number
  3. Popup greeting card
  4. Rewarding badges
  5. Scrap book

These are few ways of gifting with paper that could be done on the spot easily with materials available at home.

These days of lockdown/ quarantine, isolation have brought lot of negativity around is. Every mind now is full of unseem thoughts that increases stress and pressure. So lets make our environment little relaxed and filled with positivity by these small act of love and kindness. Even though it is not a day to celebrate, celebrate your loved one’s with these small , tiny yet meaningful gifts and spread love. Love only can heal this world.

Happy Gifting!!!


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