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Digital gifts of 2020

Digitalisation has become part of our day to day life. Not only the corporates we work or the elite services have been digitised. Delivery of morning milk packet to having dinner from your favolurite restaurant in your comfy couch, everything had been digitised. Digitalisation has change the way we see the world . Anything you wish and ask for, is given to you from any part of the world directly to your home. 

There are many start ups that are completely relying on online business. The need of the online business has become more crucial in these days of lockdown. People who were reluctant towards online shopping have also started due to these circumstances. 

Not only shopping, digitalisation  has also made people  connect.For example, In case of excess food that is left over after a party, you can just leave the details  to particular NGOs or post it in your social media. There are many volunteers who would contact you immediately and help the needy. Such connect, easy way of handling things with a simple smart phone in your hand are the pros of digitalisation.

Unimaginable  growth of internet era has changed human lives in last two decades. Won’t it change gifting options? 


Yes, digital gifts are the one that is blooming now and one of the best ways during these days of quarantine and lockdown.Digital gifts are not only making a video with photos,making photo collage or paying for subscription of online classes, ebooks etc. There are much more that are more fascinating  and creates sweet memories. 

Monthly subscription gifts:

If you have a mother, sister, friend, wife or any beloved woman, who has a budget for their personal health and beauty every month, then this gift is for them. 

Monthly subscriptions for personal care and beauty products can be made wherein all the promised products reach your doorstep every month. 

The options of items will vary from one  seller to another but these are good gifts for the love of your life. It’s in a way that you show your care and also encourage them for self care. 

These subscription box gifts are not limited to beauty products . Food, scent, grooming box, kids activity box are also all available in the market. How nice would it be to give a gift every month? 

Men will always be men- Gaming Subscription

The percentage of girls playing PUBG will be less compared to boys. Gaming world prominently belongs to men despite age. Men are crazy in playing games, from cricket with friends in ground to online games with unknown faces in web. 

Surprise your man with  Gaming Subscription of his favourite game. Won’t he be appreciative for your lovely gift of gaming subscription and his own free time on his special day? 

Personal care services:

In these days of uncertainty, the common words which we hear always are pandemic, stress, depression and lockdown. All we need is just a small relaxing spa for self in beach  or river side with a wonderful serene atmosphere. The latter is not safe and possible now, but former is possible . Yes, there are services available  online providing spa, massages at the comfort of your home. Furthermore, all parlour related works like facial, waxing, manicure, pedicure etc will also be done at home. All we need to do is register and fix convenient time. All services at your door step with the necessary precautions. Need for the hour right? For your dear ones, on their special day, gift a spa service to them through online services and make them feel better. 

DIY online: 

Do it yourself is possible in digital gifts also. Here I give you two unique ideas apart from the cliche i.e., video making with photos and music, photo collage or collating wishes from friends and family.

Play their favourite music all by self:

There may be many questions in your mind after reading the heading. Let me answer one by one. You can play music, even if you don’t know how to use an instrument or  you don’t have one. There are notes available online for various songs using instruments like piano. Fetch them first and try it. 

If you don’t have instrument also, this is possible. Download instrument apps from web that are user friendly and play them in your smart phone or tablet. A musical tribute to your loved ones , all by yourself would be the best gift. 

Self Animated videos:

So far we have seen only videos with photos. But there are online applications available for making self animated videos. Templates are fixed You just got to upload photos which converts photos to animated cartoons and thus the videos are made. This is exciting right? Simple, easy, user friendly apps are available which are super cool and completely unleashes the childishness in you. If you have a quirky, naughty friend then this gift would amaze them 

Wishes from celebrities:

Role model, inspiration is needed  to make us keep going. Everyone has someone in their mind whom they always look up to. We always think of them in our good and bad times. How would it be if such a person could wish on birthday? 

No words to express right? 

This is now possible digitally. There are few platforms available in the web where you can choose a celebrity to wish via video call, voice message or a personalised video sending love and wishes. These websites have tried to take time of many actors, sports personnel, writers, poets, inspirers, singers, musicians etc., All you need to do is know your loved one’s favorite personality or role model , submit your personalised message. Celebrity wishes will reach them on their special day  what could be more joyful? 

Hope this blog has give  you a completely different perspective of digital gifting. Even though these gifts are not physically available to your dear one’s, they will surely make an impact, an unforgettable experience and lovely memories to cherish always. 

Happy Gifting!! 

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