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Gifts for left handers

Let’s start this blog with a  set of questions? Answer to self.

  •  How many left handed personnel have you come across in your life?
  • What is your first impression on seeing a person writing/ eating with left hand?
  • If you are right handed, have you ever tried to use your left hand dominantly?

Nearly  10% of world population is left handed. Left handers are common in twins  i.e, 21% of twins are left handed. There are many studies, theories and research on left handed people. The most common theory of all is that, the left handed people are generally intelligent, good problem solver as the interaction between right and left hemisphere of the brain are well connected and very adventurous too.

The unknown and hidden truth is that, they are prone to more mental illness than right  handed people. Depression, schizophrenia are some to be named. This whole world is for right handed people. From small scissor, pen to any big musical instrument, computer mouse etc., are made for the right handed people only. They are forced to use the right hand for all works which in turn causes mental stress. 

But we can change  this. If you have friend, sisters, brothers or anyone  who are left handed support  them, encourage them and allow them to be themselves. Additionally  gift them with these left handed products  that are available in the market for their easy living on any special day.

August 13 –  International Left handers day. 

Here are some impressive gift ideas:

Utilities for Day to day life:

The left handers have issues in using basic utilities for day to day life  from the time they wake up, to say starting from the tooth brush they use.  Since their right hand is not dominant the amount of push and throttle required for brushing become difficult with a common toothbrush. 

There are many many items like these which force them to use the right hand. But now things have got better . Every basic item required is now being designed for left handers also. 

There are specially manufactured,

  • tooth brush
  • coffee mugs 
  • scissors
  • wallet.
  • Wrist watch

and many other daily items for left handers available in the market. Don’t think these are silly gifts. No, silly may be in cost and uniqueness but these are the most required for them for a peaceful day. 


A day is not passed without the use of pen for anyone generally. This becomes more crucial for left handed kids.  When we think, we will come to know that   kids suffer a lot with many stuffs they use with the left handed nature. 

But now there are many specific stationary items for left handed kids available in the market such as:

  • pen, 
  • rulers, 
  • geometric rulers, 
  • notebook. 

There are also many manual guides available for left handers too like crochet pattern, guitar notes and other instrumental notes.

Gifts for left handed women:

For kids difficulty is in stationary items, for woman difficulty lies in kitchen accessories. But solution is available. 

To impress and encourage your woman,  to make life easier and make them feel special you can buy them some left handed cooking spatulas, can opener, vegetable peeler,oven mittens and measuring cups.

What a lovely way to make her ease and in peace? 

Techie gifts

Let’s think about the technologies that we use in our day today life which is mostly specified in right-hand bases,to say the computer keyboards, mouse, touch screen pattern.

These features also have special made for left handers too, gift your left-handed buddies in the office or your favorite colleague with the left-hand held mouse, keyboard which will be the best gift for their career.

Encouraging gifts:

There are many things made for the left handers available  in the market, we might not know. Our loved ones may be expecting changes in his/her  day to day life based on their needs. The only way is to ask them and encourage their uniqueness. 

  • If he is a guitarist, get him the left handed guitar and motivate to become the best.
  • Gift them t-shirts and left handed mugs with encouraging leftys quotes. 

To stress upon, these gifts are simple, low in cost, not unique but these may the most wanted, aspired gifts by left handers for a peaceful and  stress free life. Encourage them and their unique feature of using left hand. 

Being a semi-left hander and a mom of left-handed 5yrs old boy,I’m very proud and request you all to love, encourage and support one another in every small way. 

Happy gifting!!

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