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Gifts for sisters on Rakshabandan day

Festivals celebrates relationships and always comes with a remarkable story to depict the importance of the same. Rakshabandan is one such festival for brother and sister love.

From the story of Lord Krishna and Draupadi , Rani Karnawati and emperor Humayun and few more, depicts the importance of brother sister relationship and how it is bonded with this sacred thread of Rakhi . The tradition of tying rakhi  by sister on her brother’s hand is being followed for centuries. These stories depicts one thing in common “Protection of a brother”- A sacred thread tied around her brother’s wrist seeking for his love and protection throughout. Brother in turn surprises her with gifts and promises to ensure the smile of her never fades away. 

As said, protection is the subtle keyword of Rakshabandan. In this modern era, problem for women in outer world has grown exponentially and also a brother cannot be around his sister always. Self defence is one feather that should be added to all woman’s cap. As a brother, this rakshabandan ensure your sister safety and protection with these following self defence gifts. Do you think these gifts won’t be very touching or emotional? Trust me these are the most needed one in this hour and right one for rakshabandan too. 

Disguised pepper spray:

Pepper spray has always been the first line of defence for a woman. It is just a simple way to escape any untoward attack from unknown. But since it is very popularly known product , the usage of the same becomes difficult as your enemy becomes alert . 

This disguised pepper spray would be more helpful. They exactly work like pepper spray but the outer look is disguised like a lipstick. We can use it at the most unexpected moment. The first lesson of self defence is to defend and attack on the most unexpected time. Let your sister own this disguised pepper spray for her own safety.

Alarm Keychain:

The first and foremost attack would be on mouth. They attackers would try to avoid loud screaming and shouting  as it would alert other personnel near by. This alarm keychain would be more use. They have a small button , pressing on which would raise a sound alarm alerting the surrounding. They also posses a small led light for night vision. Very handy, various inbuilt features with plan A, plan B and contingency too. 

When your sister’s handbag can posses so much of items why can’t a small keychain? 

Credit card knife:

Unfold your credit card and use it as a knife. Confused? Knife, saw, screw driver and many other inbuilt provisions are available in credit card shaped tool that can just be carried in your pocket. 

This is the best disguised product and self defence one too. 

Smart ring:

These are ornaments for your sister’s hand, but not for the ones who dare to touch her. There are few types of smart rings for self defence. A small knife type folded in the ring that can be used to attack or press type where it gives the immediate alert to the required personnel about the location of issue. 

These are simple accessories but can be a life saver when required. As a brother you might have bought so many accessories for your sister from simple steel one to gold one. Why can’t this be the most required one than any other?

Safe mobile applications/ Martial arts: 

This is a very common one. There are n number of mobile applications available for woman safety. Either they are commercial ones in playstore or a free one from the government. Research and install the best one for your dear little sister and give her knowledge about them. All these apps requires a little precalculation and alertness. She would get the right help at the most needed time when used. 

The last one which i would insist on is to enroll your sisters in martial arts not to become masters in it but for the basic knowledge of self defence and confidence to face such intrude situations. 

Dear brothers,

These are all tools and gadgets for self defence. Most important of all is the strength and boldness required at that time of happening. That can be impregnated in a woman’s life only by her loved ones. Give her the support and confidence to go far for what she thrives for. Let her dream and go far places to achieve them. Once her wings are let free,  she will learn to fly high even after falling. 

Make her a self confident, bold, straight forward soul with all your guidance, support and love. Gift these gadgets as a cherry on top. 

For who i am today,  thanks to all my brothers for all your support and love. Happy rakshabandan day for my dear brothers and every other lovely brother out there. 

 Dear sisters, don’t think you are not benefited with this article. Check on the link below to know the various, unique and special types of rakhis available to surprise your beloved brothers.


This article is written considering the legal implications to best knowledge of the author but it is not limited to it.  The legal implications are always subject to change and author does not hold any responsibility for purchase and accident in case of any untoward incident. Please check the legal acceptance for pursuance and use of self defence tools and gadgets. 


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