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Gift ideas for grandparents/ senior citizen

Grandparents have always played an important role in my childhood, especially grandmother I would say. Immediately on reaching home after my school hours, I would always seek only for her to have my food and snacks. She makes snacks in evening and serve us every day. We used to fight with her a lot on small things but never missed an occasion to spend time with her. Especially during power cut, she used to tell us stories and happenings of the past. It was always a fantasy to hear such stories. 

We also spent our summer holidays in another grandparents home which are some of the best days in my life. Such beautiful memories of my childhood are made only because of them. Everyone has some memories with your grandparents from the past. When was the last time you spent time with them? What was the last thing that you bought something special for them? The answer would not be immediate as it was not often and we have to recollect our memory. 

We young energetic generation always in race for life, happiness, success, money etc., but sometimes it is required to take break and spend time with our loved ones. September 9 is “National Grandparents day”. On this day, spend time with your grandparents  and surprise them with some very useful and memorable gifts for their lifetime.

This blog is all about unique and useful gift ideas for senior citizen. 

Kitchen accessories:

kitchen timer

I would like to admit one thing. Even though they are old, the stamina and the energy levels in them are comparatively higher than the present young generation. They always wanna do something and cannot keep idle. These kitchen accessories will be of great help to such energetic grandparents who love cooking . These could make their work a little simpler and easier. 

  • Cordless water heater- hot water could be always made available to them even in their room itself. 
  • Special vegetable cutter- easy way to  cut all the required vegetables. 
  • Kitchen timer- due to ageing memory would always be a concern.these timers would be of great help to remind the kitchen schedule of work . 

Gardening tools:

Long handed garden tools

The first thing many elders love to do  in their retirement life is gardening. They wanna spend time with nature in these days. They grow at least a few plants in the space available and nurture them. If your grandparents are garden lovers, then these gifts are for them. 

  • Long handed shovel, tillers : for easy access to work in soil and reduce strain in back. 
  • Garden decor : gift them with some cute pot models, figures of animals to keep along with plants or bonsai plants which will make them cool and happy. 
  • Safe knife and cutters: safety instilled knives, scissors and cutters are also available in market for maintenance of garden. 

Daily aids :

Foot massager

Do you want to gift something that is useful to them in day to day life? Here we go for it. 

  • Sleep eye mask
  • Comfy back rest cushion
  • Ergonomically safe pillows for reading
  • Foot massager
  • Easy car wash kit. 

These are simple aids but the most needed for a simple peaceful life. 

Customized gifts :

Family tree

Personalised, customized gifts are always special irrespective of the age. They seem close to heart as it is made specially for the lovable person. For your grandparents there are some specific customised gifts as below:

  • Family tree: cute little tree with photos of all in the family. This could be a great gift as they could realise what a big and lovely family they have made in life  
  • Childhood/ youth photos:  in olden days photos were a great thing. Their generation have very less photos. if you get any such photos of your grandparents as a kid or a youth, that will make their day and bring back memories.

Gifts for hobbies: 

Knitting tools

In today’s era reading books online, instagram, making youtube videos have become hobbies . But in olden days our grandparents mostly possessed a skill as a hobby like knitting, stitching clothes, embroidery, wire basket making, rangoli design etc. if your grandparents possess any such hobby, then buy them the right gift for their hobby. 

knotting tools, embroidery set, sewing machine etc can be some to name a few. 

Making them engaged with the thing they love to do, will keep their body and mind healthy and happy.

Adventure gifts: 

Are your grandparents strong enough for an adventure? Do they have any unfulfilled wish or small dream? Do you wanna make a moment in their life with something sweet and naughty?

Yes! right?  here you go.

  • Plan an adventure with your grand parents like a long drive in bike , midnight movie in terrace or anything which they love to do.
  • fulfill their small dreams and wishes which they always wanted to do from childhood.
  • Have a cheat day in their meal. Get ice cream and chocolates or whatever they crave for. 

Note: This to be done only after considering all the health conditions of your grandparents.

These are some of the gifts that can make them feel special and happy. These are all available  online and  there are  also some specific websites available to fulfill all kinds of senior citizen’s necessities.

It’s time to celebrate old age.

Happy gifting!!!

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