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“Travel far enough to meet yourself ” -David Mitchell

Experience is the best way to learn. An experience in life teaches 100 lessons than any book can give. This experience is gained mostly through travelling. it gives  a pause from the regular routine, creates experiences and memories, teaches  many new lessons, creates new friends, explores new tradition, custom and food. Above all this travel of yours is also helpful for the livelihood of hundred and thousands of people. wondering how? many individual life is dependant on tourism. From the tea you drink till the luxury places you stay many people are benefited out of it. 

But now all their life is at stake. It is estimated that the potential loss in tourism industry due to covid 19 and lockdown is nearly   0.9 to 1.2 trillion  US dollars internationally. This loss would have affected millions and millions of people directly or indirectly.  As the world slowly recovers from its wounds, we should also be ready to do our bit. 

September 27 is World Tourism day. This year even though tourism is a risk, we should at least take up local tourism within our cities as it will help people as well as improves economy.

As a motive to encourage and promote tourism on World Tourism day, this blog is on  unique gift ideas for travellers. 

What have you gifted for a friend of yours  who is a vivid traveller so far? 

Passport holder, battery bank, personalised toiletry bags, personalised bag tags are a few to name some. But there are more modern, essential, space saving, unique products available for travellers in the market. 

This blog is about unique travel products that addresses the major concerns during travel like drinking water, sleep and fear of theft. 

Water-  the essential of life:

Bottle with UV sterilisation cap

Drinking water shall be pure as it is the essence of  life. It also possess the capacity to bring various diseases due to contamination and impurity. Hence, drinking water becomes more crucial during travelling to ensure one’s safety and health.

If your loved one loves travelling and exploring, then these types of water bottle will be of great help to them:

  • Collapsible water bottle: they can be folded and stored in your backpack. this type of water bottle saves more space and can be inflated after use. The material used are also safe and can be folded too.
  • Infuser water bottle: This type keeps you hydrated and healthy as you can carry cut fruits along with water.
  • Bottle with inbuilt UV Sterilisation:  The cap of the bottle passes the UV rays for sterilisation. You can use any type of water and make it fit for drinking using sterilization. These are done electrically and hence need to be charged as per use . 

Fascinating right? Science has left no stone unturned and has made life easier, simpler and worthwhile.

Sleep – the best medicine for next bright day: 

Noise cancelling ear buds

Proper sleep is also the  most required thing like water in a day. It makes you enlightened and refreshed for the next day. 

During travel sleep becomes very tough which can be made easy by some of the aids as follows: 

  • Neck pillow: There are n number of neck pillow options available in market. Based on the type of travel and comfort required, choose one for your dear ones. Personalised neck pillow are also available which makes it a even more unique and personal gift for the individual.
  • Noise cancelling ear buds: A quiet and silent atmosphere is one  that gives a sound sleep. During travelling a noise cancelling ear buds are the ones that aids in giving such quiet and peaceful atmosphere. There are also some type of buds that stops the noise outside and plays soothing music for your mind to calm, relax and get to sleep. 

Antitheft products for travel: 

Smart luggage

The major concern and fear during travel is theft. When we are  new to a place, city or a country we will always have the fear of theft. These are some simple aids to prevent being robbed or track our valuables  in case of theft. 

  • Antitheft backpack: Slash proof fabric is the key for antitheft backpack. The fabric of the bag is strong enough such that no one can slash them and get the valuables inside. the zippers are also found to be sturdy and strong. These backpacks also come with a USBcharging port and a trolley handle in most of them. How advanced these backpacks are right?
  • Tile mate : These small sized tile shaped can be physically hung with all your valuable like wallet, key, backpack etc. These can also be connected to any IOS and Andriod device via bluetooth. In case your item gets lost you can track them through bluetooth and if they are within short distances of 150 ft, you can make them  ring through application. Easy and elegant ways of tracking valuables. 
  • Smart luggage: These are the next generation travel bags with the built in features of GPS tracker, Charging port and remote lock systems.They are unique, safe enough as well as sturdy and strong. What would a traveller expect more than a gift like this? 

There are many other antitheft items like travel security belt, antitheft wallet , bluetooth baggage tags etc.,

Give these unique and special gifts for your friend  and family who loves travelling and make them feel special and motivated.

Happy Gifting!! 


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