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Gifts for wife

Bright soothing sun rays made its way slowly through the window,  Shama,  opened her eyes with great difficulty but woke up with a jolt and checked the time seeing the bright sunlight.   She was awake 30 minutes prior to her planned timing. Feeling relieved she went back to bed to utilise that 30 min of sleep. 

Shama, mother of two and a full time homemaker, has everything in life what one could ask for.Two cute little children, a loving and caring husband, enough money to lead a happy, peaceful life and a very much supportive family. She leads happy and contented life, but she felt low and inferior at times. She felt some emptiness, some void in her happy life.

In that 30 min of half sleep, she felt a hand slowly caressing her hair. That touch and feel was so soothing and comfortable, she went close by and wrapped his hand around her  tightly and continued to sleep.  Kailash, her husband laughed to himself and gave a small kiss on her forehead. She grinned and  opened her eyes to check on him. He had a bright calm face, electrifying sharp eyes and sweet smile.  Both looked at each other and nothing more to say, love was flowing like a river with no bunds. 

Appreciate her beauty:

Kailash, took her face in his hands and said “Even though so many years passed your eyes are killing me daily with overwhelming love, your cheeks becomes blushed when you see me, your lips looks like a new bloomed rose and your nose frowns at me if i miss to make a pinch. You look so beautiful in bright sunny morning right from bed and this makes my entire day. I don’t always admire when you are fully dressed, but this Shama is what I always admire and love. You are so beautiful and cute”. 

Appreciate her Talent:

Both her kids were off to school. Shama was scrolling through youtube videos in her free time, stopped by and checked a video in crocheting. Shama has seen her mother-in law crocheting sweaters and scarf, but has never paid heed so much as she was a techie earlier, working  prior to pregnancies. 

She liked the video and saw repeatedly for 4 to 5 times and then took all the crocheting items from her inlaw and started to follow the video. In one weeks time, she learnt to knit and gifted her haaaaAsuiuuusband a small flower shaped key chain knitted by herself. Kailash felt huappy and encouraged her to do more. He also gifted her with a full knitting set for her birthday. what more Shama could ask for?

Appreciate her inner self: 

Families are bound to have problems. no matter how big the problems are, as time goes, we gotta to let go our ego and live in harmony with family. Shama didn’t have a good relationship with her sister-in law from the start of her marriage life. A cold war always existed between the two but they never showcased in public. They maintained their ego as well as the relationship. Sister in law was fed up and traumatized  as she was going through medications and treatment for pregnancy. One day Shama found her sister- in law weeping in backyard with no one beside. She just saw , didn’t react and continued to work but felt bad for her sister in law . An hour passed but her sister in law was not to be seen anywhere inside home. Shama know how it would feel for a woman undergoing this pressure. She let go her ego and approached her sister in law who was still in backyard. They started talking with  hesitation, but as Shama showed empathy and care, her sister in law opened up, poured out her heart and cried badly. Shama hugged her and consoled with words of care and encouragement. 

That small tint of love and care towards each other made their relationship  from bitter to better . Kailash was just watching this entire scene from far and had a warm smile on his face. On the same evening, Kailash took the entire family for a dinner and gifted both his wife and sister each with the same type kurta. They opened, saw the similar kurta and smiled at each other. 

Appreciate her love for you:

Kailash went on a road trip with his friends for two days. While returning back home, he met with an accident and injured his leg. He was not able to walk for a month and completely bed ridden. Shama was so broken and worried as her love towards him knows no limits. But she knew, she is the one who has to bring hope and happiness in his life again. She left both kids with her inlaws and started to take care of him completely. As a mother it was a tough decision for her to make, but she chose her husband’s health and wellbeing. Due to her love, care Kailash recovery was faster than expected. He was able to walk and be normal within a month. Kailash has always seen her pain missing kids in her eyes, but she never showed him and always did everything with a smile. 

When the kids returned, they brought a gift as instructed by their father, A big trophy written ” Best Mom in the World” and a gold bracelet with phrase  “My love- My life- My wife”. These gave happy tears to her. 

Shama again woke up with a jolt and now this time it was the perfect timing. She took two minutes to realise that all these instances was a dream and grinned to herself . Seeing Kailash next to her fast asleep, she gave him a small kiss, grinned to herself and went for the daily routine. She was not upset with Kailash because even though he has not appreciated, he has acknowledged her always. But sometimes the low feeling and inferiority was due to lack of appreciation which she herself don’t realise. This is the mindset of many women today. 

Dear Men, 

Even though Wife duty is to take care of everyone and everything in home, she needs appreciation too. In an office where all your duties are clearly stated and salary given monthly, why do you expect a appreciation for your performance as appraisal? Why do you expect a hike, an award or a promotion? Similarly Wife also expects appreciation sometimes to make herself keep going. Need not be a costly gift or a overseas trip for appreciation. Just a kiss in forehead, a pat on her back, a handshake and a warm hug will also mean a lot to her . 

September 20 is National Wife Appreciation day . Appreciate your wife for anything that you wish for and make her feel good about herself. Gift her the right thing and make her feel- she deserves this. Appreciate your wife as she deserves to be. 

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