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Gifts for Cat lovers

Stress and struggle have become the way of our lives. Everyone in this world, everyday faces some type of struggle, challenge and stress. We also have a stress buster in our day to day life like watching comedies, listening to music, chit chatt with family & friends, reading a book, etc. These are some habits which will make our mind to go easy and pleasant after a tiring long day. 

Among this list, one of the most important habit which is scientifically proven as the best stress buster is “Pet care”. Studies show that playing with the pet, taming them, taking them for a walk, giving food, cuddling them etc., gives a great relief from stress. 

“There are two means of refuges from the miseries of life: Music and cats”  – Albert Schweitzer

As said, it is true that pet animals act as a refugee for the misery . A dog is a common pet in India.  In the past, the farmers had dog as well as a cat as pets in the house. Dog does the work of maintaining safetiness of the home and cat maintains  hygiene of the house. Cat has the ability to hunt.  So they always hunt on rats and other pest thereby safeguarding  the farmland. But in recent days petting a cat is comparatively less.  

October 16 is Global cat day. Let’s encourage the petting of cats among us. Taking care of a cat is far more easy compared to a dog. They are soft, smooth to cuddle on, purring helps to heal faster, act as a good companion & a  listener, provides positive vibes and  calms the mind. Furthermore their maintenance cost is less, less space is sufficient for their stay, best pest controller of the house too. 

If you have a friend or a family member who needs to relax, calm thyself gift them a cute little kitten and make their lives less stressful and more joyful. 

If you have a loved one who owns a cat and adores it, then gift them with these following gifts on this good occasion.

Cat toys: 

Cat Scratcher: 

The scratching posts help them to adjust easily to the new environment and alleviates any cat behaviour problem due to new environment. They provide a home like attachment to the cats. 

There are plenty of options of scratching post from a plain rough surface to a well designed post where they can play.

Plush toys:

Cats love to play with some toys of their own. Plush toys in shape of rodent would be  great for their playtime, as they go around hunting them. 

Like human beings, pets also need to have physical activities to keep themselves healthy. This can be done by giving them a suitable toy to run and play around the available space. 

Lively and useful gifts for cat lovers right?

Cat Crib: 

These are small swing type cribs that can be suspended in four legs of a chair. They are very simple but provides a warm, soothing place for the cat to rest on.Cats generally sleeps for about 12 to 16 hours in a day. These secondary options of crib will give then a different place to rest on. A good gift fo a sleepy cat. Isn’t it ?

Pet armoire: 

Small wardrobe with built in accessories to hold all the items of a pet. This armoire would be of big help as they help to keep things organised and safe a lot of space. 

Cat ID tags: 

The first and foremost thing we do when we own a pet is naming them. We love to call them using a cute name. ID tags with name engraved of a pet can be obtained. These tags can be made in plastic or steel. 

A small belt around the neck with the tag would be great for a home grown pet. 

Furthermore, ID tags have gone to the next level like, phone number of the owner of the pet or a barcode can be engraved on.In case if the pet goes missing, this would help the stranger to find the family of the pet. The most needed gift for pet lovers. 

Cat shaped pillow :

If you say that the cat-lover is not able to have a beautiful cat as a pet due to some circumstances this is a best small gift for them. Customize pillow with the photo and shape of cat’s face. They look very realistic and be a good one to cuddle on. 

These are some of the gifts for cat lovers. While meeting a friend or family with cat as pet, if you give these gifts which will be very useful and make their life simpler, what more could one ask for? 

Useful gifts always take a special place in ones mind and heart. Give the right gift at the right time. 

Happy gifting!! 

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