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Gifts for Men

International Women’s day – March 8 Mother’s day -Second sunday of May. These are well known,  celebrated, honouring days for Women of the society.

International Men’s day? Father’s day?? Do u know the dates or ready to search in google? 

Women empowerment, freedom, gender equality etc., has, in a way, faded out the importance of men in the society. Earlier Women were deprived of their rights and independence which we enjoy now After centuries of fight and struggle. Men are pushed a step back, their contributions, efforts, sacrifices for family, society  becomes unnoticed. Gender Equality is again a question mark?? 

International Men’s day is celebrated on 19th November with the objective  called as six pillars such as: 

  • Promote positive male role models,
  • Celebrate men’s positive contributions,
  • Focus on men’s health and well being,
  • ighlight discrimination against men, 
  • Improve and promote gender equality and 
  • Create  safe,better place. 

With these objectives and a specific theme, international men’s day is celebrated every year. Gender equality is not only for women, its for men too. It’s time to celebrate men in our lives. 

This blog is all about special gift ideas and surprises for loving men in your life. These are gift ideas for any occassion, event to surprise and make them feel loved and special.The gift ideas are portrayed based on the six pillars. 

Positive male Role Model: 

Role model need not be an actor, a sportsperson always. Father, brother, teacher, co-worker, friend anyone whom we meet in our day-to-day life can also be a role model. We should recognise such male role models in life  with our token of love. 

  • Medal / trophy stating as the “Best Husband /Brother/ Father”.
  • Some unique awards like ” Best attitude/ Style/ Decision maker/ Chef/ Artist” based on their character and talent to encourage them. 
  • Favourite quotes, encouraging words of inspirer could be framed or made as souvenir and gifted. 

Hold their hands, look in the eyes and say “You are the role model , whom i always look up too”. Recognition is the best gift you can give someone. Recognize your male role model.

Men’s health and wellbeing:

Health and well being is the most integral part for a happy, joyful and peaceful life. Research suggests that men are more prone to chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, kidney related due to their lifestyle and eating habits. 

Encourage men to have a healthy lifestyle with gifts like, 

  • Enrollment to gym/ martial arts/ dance classes / zumba or any other as per their interests. 
  • Gym Accessories – outfits, personalised  bag, gloves  and water bottle with motivational quotes.
  • Fitness tracker to monitor and make plans.
  • Sports earphones to keep them energetic .

Apart from these gifts, motivate by being a part in it. Go for a walk together, exercise together and prepare healthy meals.  Help each other and make life healthier and happier .

Celebrate men’s positive contributions: 

In today’s modern world, men have also taken up responsibilities at home like cooking, cleaning, child care etc. and have become very supportive and helpful. Men’s support to society and environment has also increased exponentially. Their have become a helping hand in everything and everywhere. This contribution needs to be acknowledged.  

  • Surprise Jar : reasons to say love you chits in a jar. 
  • A greeting card to say “Thank you/ You are the best”.
  • Small surprises throughout the day to appreciate how helpful he has been.
  • Favourite book to relax and chill.
  • To waive of all responsibilties and house hold chores for a month. 

Treat them like a king as they make you a queen everyday.

Gender Equality and better world: 

“Men are from Mars and women are from venus” is a book written by American author John Grey. This book depicts how different men and women are ,  yet they cannot live without each other . Their thoughts, expectations, reactions vary a lot, like from two different planets. 

Sometimes it is required to be with our own flock to relax and enjoy. 

Let’s give men their own time on a special day.

  • Plan a night out with his own friends (only friends) as a surprise.
  • Go on an adventure trip which he is excited to do.
  • Let go on a trip with his friends , which he is planning for a while.
  • Gift him a ticket to his  favourite game watching.
  • Subscribe to the game which he loves to play or buy him a game player. 

Let his world to be his own on a special day,  with all his favourite things to do.What could be more good than a day for self. 

These are some of the gift ideas for men of your life. 

To all Men who deserves to be appreciated-


“Daughters were albatross then, Huma-the bird of fortune now,

Sisters were amah (maid) then,    First and best Pal now, 

Friends were not meant to be then, Eternal friendship prevails now, 

Half maid Half slave then, Equal better half and good companion now, 

Giving birth was only her pain then, Tears of men shares equal pain now,

Typist and Stenographer then, Better administrator and boss now,

Kitchen and home place to be then, Sky is the limit now, 

Least consulted in family then, Foremost decision maker now,

Men were dictators then, Encouraging, supportive and treating coequal now,

Behind every successful man there is a woman


Behind every successful woman there are men”.

Happy International Men’s day !!

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