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This 25th blog is a special one for us. It’s a small number to reach for a blogger, but we feel special and positive for pushing ourselves to keep writing even in tough times. To make it more special, we are to share our best and unforgettable gifts memories of our life. 

This blog will be a story type yet, a gift idea is also mentioned in every instance which will be a big take away along with the joy of reading. 

Gift that brought tears: 

Sometimes we will be a special person in someone else life unknowingly, apart from family. Some deed of us could have made a strong impression and impact. As days goes we might have forgotten, but that friend of yours will have those warm, lovely moments deep in their hearts. The love and gratitude will always be shown by that friend whenever possible. 

I had a friend in my school days, to say specifically in my middle school days. He was my classmate but not a very close buddy. We studied together in same class for three years, after that we were in different sections. A smile and hi were the communications in our high school days. Then, completely lost communications in college days as i am 90s kid and cellphone was only Nokia 120. I was not even aware of any social media, Facebook then. But in my final year of college, I opened a new Facebook account. I regained a lot of contacts from my school friends including him through facebook.

We started talking to each other especially recollecting our good old school days and present college life. On my birthday, i received a gift from that particular friend of mine. I was in tears of joy when opened. It was a professional “Stethoscope”. 

I am an engineer by qualification. This stethoscope is so special to me because i wanted to be a doctor from my childhood days. i tried very hard for the same but missed free seat just by .25 marks. i also tried the next year but was not lucky enough. So this profession of being a doctor is a dream for me always. So when i got this stethoscope, i was so overwhelmed and filled with joy. I thanked my friend many times and asked him what made him to give me this gift. He said “You have helped a lot in school days for my studies and i know how much you love doctor profession. So for your happiness i chose this one”. What else could i have more than tears of joy?

This stethoscope is neither used by me nor its  a showcase gift to display. But the happiness of possessing one like a real doctor counts. I would like to thank my friend for that lovely gift on this blog. “Thank you my dear friend . It means a lot to me “. 

Gifts need not be always an useful item, a showcase piece or an experience. Gifts can also be something that will  only give joy , happiness and treasured with heart and soul till last breadth. 

Gift of love: 

Choosing the right useful gift is a tagline that i owe to my husband. He  always knows to give the right gift for the occassion and personnel. To add on, his gifts are mostly useful than a showpiece. He has given me many lovely, useful, memorable and keepsake gifts for me but there is one thing which made me feel proud, positive above all loved. 

it was my birthday eve,  as i returned home, i saw him in full sleeve shirt (uncommon dressing at home) fully dressed. I asked about his whereabouts 

He just said “I feels cold and feverish”. i was little worried and gave him basic medications at night. He wished me as soon as we woke up in morning and went inside to get my gift. I was so anxious to see the surprise but he was empty handed on return. I asked him “what is the surprise, where is my gift” ,he just showed his arm. 

The gift was a tattoo of my name in his left arm. It was my full name (lengthy one) written stylishly in his arm. He has made the tattoo  previous day and hence  he chose a full sleeve dress to cover it up till next morning. The moment i saw the tattoo i was little upset for the pain he would have had, but he made a kind gesture hinting no pain. That moment of receiving such a lovely wonderful gift from my better half gave me tears of joy. The best gift of love which i would always treasure is right in front my eyes always. 

Gift of Adventure: 

This gifting experience is a unique one. It’s a gift that i gave for my only sister. My parents have planned overseas visit to my sister home. I wanted to gift her an unique gift so i took time in searching the best one. Their day of departure was also coming close by, but still i haven’t found one. 

eventually I hastily found a simple yet an unique gift. A personalised hanging lamp with very precious and memorable photos of her. I have ordered online and it has to arrive just on the day of travel. But, unfortunately the gift got delayed.I was so stressed and worried because i wanted them to give her personally. i talked to the particular concern, literally shouted in anger and requested their  help. One personnel guided me throughout and made sure it reached my city. The gift reached my city but not my home. It was in company’s  parcel office at airport. 

My parents had their flight at early morning and we started to airport at midnight. Throughout  the journey i was just hoping to get the gift and communicating to different personnel. I reached airport at around 1 o’clock in night. We first went to the parcel office (warehouse) at airport, met a new personnel, obtained the parcel directly from him and rushed to the airport. That incident of going to an unknown and strange place at midnight and getting the gift in a very peculiar way is a real time adventure. I would never forget this incident and learnt to plan better. 

These are the best memories of giving and receiving gifts in my life. Again to iterate on the blog, this is our 25th blog and thank you for all your support and encourgement.


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