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Eco-friendly gifts from recycled materials

National pollution control day- Dec 2

World soil day – Dec 5

Energy conservation day – Dec 14

Farmer’s day – Dec 23

Nature is one thing, that man gives the least importance in all his deeds. He nevers considers the amount of destruction made. He is greedy and always in need from nature. 

To protect nature, atleast to some extent,  the above days are celebrated and followed in countries. The importance of  protecting nature, conserving energy and giving back to nature itself are well explained and assisted in these days.  There are lot of events and programmes held everywhere to realize and be sensible towards nature. 

These four important nature conserving and protection days fall in December and hence this blog is completely on “Eco friendly gifts”. I have all ready written one blog on the same topic:

This blog is different from the other. 

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the pioneer slogan of environmental protection which needs to be followed. All the materials produced should either be reduced in usage, reused for other purposes or recycled for usage again. Based on this slogan, this blog is completely on gift  items that  are made from waste or recycled materials. To iterate more, only the common gift items are considered and they are made from waste and recycled materials. 

Trendy Outfit from waste: 

Gifting a trendy, seasonal and lovely outfit is one of the common gifts. Outfits are  favourite for a woman who loves to adorn herself and feel unique. Eco- friendly dress are also available . Confused how? 

Upcycled factory waste and recycled consumer waste are used to make eco-friendly outfits . They are very trendy, unique in design and first class material convenient for all day dress. 

They are made by amazing, unique artisans,  trying to put together to form an unique outfit. – refer this link for this unique type of outfits. 

Apart from outfits, there are other options  too, such as coasters, bag, purse, passport holder etc., 

Zero carbon footprint watches: 

Watch is another common gift. Why don’t we choose a eco-friendly one? 

A watch with zero carbon footprint i.e., very light weight and no waste generated from it because the watch recharges itself from natural light. The Biploymer required is obtained from plant and some material from recycled fishing net. 

very light weight, no waste generated, no maintenance, produced from natural & recycled elements yet stylish, reliable and durable- what more one could ask for. 

Awake watches ( designed by a French Engineer is one type of Eco friendly watches. 

Try giving these environmental safe watches as  they are perfect gifts  for any special occassion. 

Natural Perfume : 

Perfumes are another common gift where we would just mind the brand name prior to everything else. let’s give a break to commercial ones. 

Free from artificial perfumes,pore-clogging aluminium, alcohols, chlorofluorocarbons, and other petrochemicals, made only  plant based are the future way to go. – organic deodrants available that nullify the odour at source.

Toys from recycled material:  

Toys have become the most common gift for a toddler. Birthday, festive moods, casual visit, any time and anywhere, toys would be the best option for a toddler. What if the toys are made from recycled materials? 

“Green Toys” are made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,  contains no BPA, Phthalates, PVC, or external coatings.

Try these toys made from recycled materials. Check out for “Green toys” in

Adding more, wooden toys are also a better choice for eco-friendly toys because, they are made from wood and disposal would not cause any pollution. Stackers, puzzles,  rattles and many other wooden toys are available. Teether are also available made from wood. They are completely safe for kids for use and healthy too. – check out the wooden toys here for more options. 

Home decor from waste: 

  • Flower vase- upcycled from bottle waste
  • mobile case- made from recycled  wheat straw 
  • photo frame – made from cow dung and upcycled from wall art fabrics. 

The eco- friendly alternatives of the most common home decors. 

Microgreens – these are small plants that can be grown by any age group. The seeds, cocopeat disc, jute big (acts as a pot) all are available as one set. This would  be a cute home decor too. 

There are many other eco- friendly gifting options to check on

To be honest with you all my dear friends, the eco- friendly items that i have covered in this blog is not even 1%. Any item that we use daily has an eco friendly alternative which is chemical free, cruelty free and bio-degradable. All we need to do is a little bit of reserach on their availability. The items can be a little costlier when compared to commercial one but, the goodness that we do to our environment is indeed big and need of the hour. 

Gift these valuable nature friendly and beneficial gifts for your loved ones and make the earth  a better place to live in. 

Happy Gifting!!

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