Gifts for kids

Gifts for 2 year old

“There is no such thing as a child who hated to read,

there are only children who have not found the right book” – Frank Serafini 

Let me start this blog with two simple questions.  What gift did you give your child or any other toddler for birthday/ children’s day? Have you ever gifted a book to a child? 90% the answer would be NO,  right? We generally don’t have the habit of giving  A BOOK to anybody as a gift, because we think it’s cheap. Toy, dress, tricycle even savings schemes look like a good gift  to a child, but a book doesn’t. 

There is a proverb in Tamil meaning “that which is not practiced at age 5 cannot be practiced in age 50”. The good manners, thoughts, good habits all need to be inculcated at young age itself, so is reading habit. Reading has significantly reduced because of the modern gadgets and internet. It is our duty to ensure that our kids  possess the habit of reading and they love them too.

The reading habit are to be cultivated in child as much as early as possible. A 18+ month old kid is old enough to flip turn the pages of a book and they start to enjoy seeing pictures and colours in a book. 

There are plenty of book types for these toddlers to encourage reading and these are the perfect gifts for birthdays, festivals and any other special events.

This blog is all about different and unique books that are easily available in the market for 2 year old munchkins. 

Activity Books: 

Activity  books doesn’t always mean it needs to be solved or worked with proper thinking. 

there are a lot of options of activity book for a 2 year old toddler.

Colouring books : 

Children loves to play with colours. At age 2 they can identify  various colours and learning  can be made fun with colouring books. colouring with fingers and hand are the best way for them. 

There are also some books called “Magic Pencil” where we need to scribble over a picture with normal pencil, a particular picture is exposed.

There are various other types too like 

  • magic water colour book with reusables sheets, 
  • wipe and clean colouring books.
  • Finger paint colouring books 

Sticker book: 

These are very simple books. There are stickers available in the book itself.  Kids need to match them with the empty space and paste it. It looks very simple but they actually encourage creativity, improve social skills, literacy, problem solving, body awareness, and even sequencing skills. Above all else, they develop fine motor skills. These books look very simple but they play an unique role in children’s growth. 

Easy erase activity books: 

These activity  books help to slowly practise the usage of pencil. After age 2 kids slowly learn to hold objects and pencil using fingers. Hence, writing and colouring becomes more and  a new book everytime becomes tough. These easy erase books are a good choice as they  come with a wiper and can be reused . Writing / colouring and wiping becomes more fun and joyful. 

Educational books: 

What education is required for 2 year old? Education doesn’t always mean academics,  it also means  acquiring knowledge. At the age of two or a little earlier kids start to show hands asking what it is? They are eager to know many things and ability to differentiate also develops in them. 

Board Books: 

These are very common books available in the market. These books cover all topics from ABCs to vehicles, body parts etc. 

These books are made of strong boards and pages are thick that cannot be torn. They can easily be flipped from one page to another. 

Pictionary books : 

As we all ready know, anything that is learnt via a picture will get stored in our mind very deeply and recollection is also easy. 

This is a dictionary book with the picture illustration for all the words. They are very catchy for kids with the bright built-in colours. 

Pictionary Junior will the best one for kids.

Interactive books: 

These books are just not to read or see pictures but also  encourages interactions. 

Are u wondering how? 

Flip – Flap book : 

These are also called touch and feel books.  The pages of the books are filled with various types Of materials like soft velvet, shiny scratchy star, smooth plastic, etc., These books gives the kid the opportunity to touch and feel all types of surfaces. They also have very bright pictures in them.

Lift the flap:

These have taken books to next level for toddlers. These books have various activities to do, not with a pencil, but like pushing, pulling, turning around, opening etc. ,Sounds insane, right? 

These books have some activity to do within the page to reveal a secret for the enthusiastic kid. This activity will improve fine motor skills of kid and also improves the affinity towards books. 

Dear Zoo, Busy farm, The jungle book are some of the best lift the flap books available in the market. 

E- book: 

This is nothing to do with online books. These are some electronic type books where when touched with pen provided, would spell, give sounds or teach.

These will be interesting for kids as well as informational too. 

Story books:

Telling  or reading stories to kids not only improves their communication or language skills, but also makes them imaginative, creative and convey values, beliefs, attitudes and social norms which is more important in their social understanding. 

At age of 2, they may not be able to understand everything you read or explain, but the habit or the interest can be triggered right here for the future. 

Bedtime story books, Stories on moral values, day to day activities like self feeding, potty training which is required now should be introduced to them. 

The pictures and repeating the same thing again along with a story will be of great help.

Regional language books: 

English may be our language of study and profession, but mother tongue is the first thing every kid would be exposed too.

Children should also possess books  on regional language for better understanding and involvement. Basic letter book, number book and story books on regional language would make them more engaging and active reader.

A 2 year old toddler have so many options to read a book. what about others?

Such vast varieties are available in market to inculcate the habit and make book reading a pleasurable one.

India is the country that reads the most in the whole world with over 10 hours per week. Let’s read more and encourage our kids  to do the same from very young age. 

Gift 2 year old super active toddler with these lovely books for any special Occassion or event. 


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