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Gifts for 5th Wedding Anniversary

Gifts for 5th anniversary should be something special. Five years ago, on the same day you took your vows and held hands together to a new journey of life. The journey in the beginning may be smooth and sweet, whereas as times goes,  it would have had its own twists and turns.You both have crossed all  struggles, pain, failure together. So, it’s a very special day to celebrate than other wedding anniversaries.

Traditionally  the 5th wedding anniversary is called  “Wooden Anniversary” which symbolises strength of marriage bond that is wood which is durable, long lasting indicating a solidified relationship. 

This blog is on various gifts ideas for husband and wife on their 5th anniversary. Gifts that are made out of wood are detailed out along with some common gift ideas. 

Gifts for husband: 

Wooden docking station: 

The most important and daily possessions for men are watch, wallet, mobile and  car/ bike key. Men deal with these items carefully too, as they also share an emotional bonding with these materialistic items. To make your husband happy you got to consider these things important too. Wondering how? 

Gift your loving husband with “Wooden docking station”. It is a wooden stand type where provisions are made for keeping all these valuables in one place, in a safe and tidy manner. Provision of watch, key, mobile phone (with the ease of charging) wallet, goggles,pen  are available. 

Added to these, these docking stations can also be personalised with name, initials, some quotes as per your wish. These are readily available online. Check for more options. 

Wooden mobile holder: 

These are not just the common pen stand type holders. There are unique and cute mobile holders available, that can be placed beside your bed . By placing the mobiles little far away from bed/  pillow,  is good for health as it reduces the exposure to radiation. 

These mobile holders are so cute and tiny, yet a wonderful gift for the love of your life. A karate kid, hand sculpture and many other designs are available. Check

Wooden safe box: 

Are you wondering, why safe box for men? Safe box is not only for jewellery. Anything that us considered precious by self can also be kept in a  safe box. Men are generally keen in collection of watch and Goggles. Like women they wish to match it with their outfit, event and situation. These watches and googles are the greatest possessions.

Wooden safe box for watches and goggles are readily available in the market.They are unique, elegant and royal. A lovely gift to give a royal feel to the king of your castle.  Check 

Gifts for wife: 

Wooden sunglasses: 

Googles are now part of our daily style and living. We match our goggles to the type of outfit and style. We own many as well as receive as  a gift. Branded goggles is a normal gift. These wooden framed goggles are unique and looks stylish, earthy and cute. They can be personalised with names, quotes and also  dates. 

Check for online shopping of wooden goggles. 

Wooden Cutting Board:

Yes, you read it correctly. It’s the wooden cutting board that is used in the kitchen. The uniqueness is in the personalisation done. The couple name, important dates, a short quote anything can be engraved on the board. 

Check for all options.

Wooden mechanical safe kit: 

We have talked about the safe box for men. For women, safe box is a very common one  Everyone owns their own safe box for keeping their ornaments. This safe kit is a unique one. It is a mechanically puzzle which possess a smart mechanism and it is not just a fancy item. They also have hidden compartments with secret switch. This safe kit looks crazy and antique. A beautiful gift for your beautiful. 

check purchase.

Wood resin pendant: 

Accessories are common for women. These wood resin type pendant are unique aand new. They are made up if wood and resin which gives the look of a solid wood and transparent resin.They look cool and elegant. Women always love to upgrade and update their fashion styles. This one would be the best gift for new fashion. 


Common gifts for both husband and wife: 

Willow tree figurines: 

These are figurative sculptures are hand crafted by artist Susan Lordi. These are small, cute sculptures without the facial features and expression are made mainly in the form of a gesture like tilt of the head, turn of the body etc. A couple willow tree figurine would be a best option for gifting to your better half. They are so elegant and meaningful.


Cityskyline  Silhouette wallpaper: 

Five years of marriage life might have changed everything – mental growth, responsibility, maturity, financial status and  even the place of stay. The days where you began with love and proposed each other would be different to now. There would have been many unforgettable memories in that city when you were  young, vibrant and in love. To revive that energy now, gift your better half with a cityskyline silhouette wallpaper. This wallpaper will always remind of your beautiful old days and keep the love blooming always. 

Memory book : 

This gift is a handmade gift by self. It requires years of work – smart work. If you have collection of all the important things that you both enjoyed doing together, then it will be the best ever gift for fifth anniversary. The collection can include

  •  the first movie ticket you went together after marriage.
  • the hotel pamphlets, entry tickets, flight boarding passes or anything that you kept as keepsake from the trips that you have been together. 
  • Chocolate wrappers given for any special moment. 
  • tickets of adventurous sport that you tried together. etc.,

these are some samples. This  can include any thing that you have treasured so long from day one.Collect all these, paste them on a book with some short quotes, memories that you have for every event.  A lovely gift to go down the memory lane and remember all the small lovely moments together. 

A gift is one thing that makes the receiver special .  When gifting your spouse, it should not only give a special feeling but also a different feel of love that cannot be explained in words. Take time and plan a gift for your spouse as they deserve all of it. Give these unique gifts for your fifth anniversary and make them feel on cloud nine. 

Happy Gifting!! 

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