Gifts for kids

Gifts for kids

We take care of our children in  public places by holding hands and asking them not to depart from us. When alone we instruct, don’t talk to strangers, don’t eat what they offer, Go straight to school/college and come back home safely. There is nothing wrong in doing so.

 Similarly do  we think of our internet world?What tips, instructions do we give them?  

“Safe internet day“ is celebrated in February every year.  This Year it was celebrated  on February 9th 2021 with the theme     ”Together for better internet”. This day is followed to make the internet world a better place especially for children and younger ones.  The Internet Gurus like Google, Microsoft have their own safety precautions in built for personal safety like stringent password, age limit for e- mails, marking of spasm mails and website etc.,  We for our part,  should guide our children in using the internet productively and protectively by simple rules like, 

  • Time limit for usage. 
  • No chatting to unknown person in social media
  • No posting of personal photos.
  • Usage only of safe/ authorised websites etc., 

We should always be watchful on their usage of the internet and social media. Additionally, we have to cut their screen time with more interesting and engaging things that keeps them busy and energetic in free time. 

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them FEEL.” — Carol Buchner.

Make them feel responsible, accountable and matured with these ideas of gifts for any special day. These gifts would make their free time joyful and memorable, eventually reducing their screen time. 

Tie-dye kit:

If your kid is interested in arts, if you have given all the art related stuff as gift, then this is for you. It is a kit with fabric colours, threads and plain white t- shirts . 

This kit is used to make unique pattern with these colours and strings. They look beautiful, unique and funky for a casual day. A magic of colours and funky prints all done by themselves will make them feel proud and positive. A great gift for the art lovers. 

Kids Embroidery kit/ Sewing kit/ craft kit: 

When I was young, I have always seen my grandmother doing some craft work at home. She used to crochet, knit, do beads work,stitch etc in her free time. A small bit of paper would also turn into crafts in her hands within minutes. These hobbies are  of great pass time, pleasure as well as a skill developed. Do not force, but encourage your kids in these activities with a small kid kit which would be very helpful for learning the basics as well as safe too. You can encourage them to make their own gifts with these kits for any special moment. Fun, learning, skill developed as well as a wonderful pass time. What more you need to change their mind from screen time.?

Terrace garden: 

This requires your support and help too. A garden does not always means a perfect one with a large space, many plants, grass topped etc., An isolated, well illuminated place by sunshine with few pot plants would also do.  Set up a small garden with few potted plants and encourage them in gardening activities like watering, removing unwanted plants, tilting soil for better fertility, etc. Have a schedule and make sure they are doing it enthusiastically. Do gardening along with the kids as they learn for you more and you both have a small little private time just for self and nature.

Play night/ Play Party : 

Confused what is this? A movie night is very common in every home now. We have started binge watching movies and shows on weekends. Let’s change movie night to play nights. Plan a night just for games. Games which we can play as a family. Select very enthusiastic and funny games for the night that everyone loves. Let it be board games, Pictionary, dumb charades, cards, UNO cards anything. 

The motive is only one thing, regardless of age everyone should enjoy playing and have fun. 

The best way to teach kids is not just by instructing but also by living in same terms. To reduce their screen time, you also have to reduce your screen time. For the next special occasion, gift them a thoughtful board games or any other family games and bring the family together to spend some quality time.

Additionally have a play party planned at home inviting all your kids’ friends to play (no video games) and have fun. 

A pet: 

These gifts reduce screen time and make them more involved in nature and surrounding. Gift your kid with your support, encouragement, love above all time. Reduce your personal screen time, Spend time with them and make family as the best  and first place for everyone. 

It is not at all needed to have access to your kids social media accounts for safety and security. Be a pal, make mutuals and stay among them. This will be the best safety and security for our kids in this superactive society. 

Happy Gifting!!

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