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Gifts for Pregnant woman.

Bringing new life to this world is the most precious phase in a woman’s life. She will undergo changes physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically in the entire phase of pregnancy. Pampering pregnant women is very common and needed because she deserves it for all the sacrifices. Along with pampering and good care give her some unique, useful and memorable gifts to keepsake her sweet memories of pregnancy. Gifts for pregnant woman – Let’s start right into the topic :

Nursing stole : 

I would rather give this name as “Pregnancy stole”  because it is used during pregnancy as well as post pregnancy. This stole is made of soft cloth and made in a way to wrap around both the shoulders till your belly. This could cover your baby bump during pregnancy and help to cover while feeding. The material is soft and delicate that it would be breathable for baby too. It can be matched to any of your outfits too as it looks trendy and stylish. 

Won’t your dear and near new Mom’s  would love to have one of these.? 


Belly Butter cream : 

Physical changes and their inconveniences during pregnancy are inevitable. The only thing that we can do is to reduce them to the extent possible. Sleeping becomes very inconvenient during third trimester, pregnancy pillow is one thing that gives us extra comfort required for a better sleep. Similarly, itchy  feeling happens in the belly for pregnant ladies as their skin gets stretched due to growing belly. This can be reduced with this butter cream. They will also be used post pregnancy for reducing stretch marks.

Don’t you think these types of very useful gifts make their day a better one? 


Diaper bag backpack: 

The conventional diaper bag with a long hand and hefty  look has now been replaced with backpacks. These backpacks has all the portions inbuilt separately for storage. Space  to carry feeding bottles, diaper, towel, dress, anything required for baby are available in this bag. Many compartments and more storage space with two hands makes its the best for new moms.

Check for various options and types. 

Bump Subscription box: 

Subscription boxes are nothing but the items that are necessary in our day to day life will be made available periodically. Bump subscription box includes items that are required for  health care and skin care of pregnant women. These items are segregated as per the developments and changes in Trimesters. The first trimester has items required to reduce nausea, third trimester  to reduce itchiness of belly and likewise. They also have an surprise element every trimester. Right gift for nine months  little journey.

Check –

Pregnancy Journal:

A keepsake is one thing that we all look into for all our memorable moments. We love to keepsake all our precious little moments either as  photo or as notes written in a diary. Pregnancy journal is a keepsake of the entire pregnancy period  You can write all the details from day one and preserve it for later.  All your doctor visits, changes in health, happy moments together, baby shower, everyone expression, husband’s pampering anything can be written and treasured. 


Gifts with ultrasound pictures: 

The ultrasound scan reports are always a memorable one that we will keep for long. The pictures showing their face, hands and legs are the best one’s for keepsake. Instead of just storing them in a file of reports, we can frame them. The triple ultrasound picture frame is the best of all options because in a single frame, all the three trimester pictures are placed. It shows their growth in those 9 months and will always be the best keepsake for the new mom. 

Check for more options. 

Funny gifts: 

The gifts mentioned above are useful and unique. Let’s get naughty a bit . Let’s have a look into funny and naughty gifts for pregnant women. 

T shirt with funny quotes:

There are lot of funny quotes for pregnancy and parenthood. Choose any one of them which would be really cool, funny yet thoughtful to make a good gift. You can print those quotes in a T shirt or any other like mug, mobile case, etc. this would make a great personalised gift. 


Baby bump mug: 

Baby bump is always a cute one. The baby bump mugs are one such cute thing with the shape of a protruding belly.  They are funny and cute. Why don’t you try this for a pregnany friend of you? 


Funny books on pregnancy: 

Pregnancy even though has all the caring, pampering and happy moments, it also comes with lot of fear and anxiety. First time mom read a lot about pregnancy online and become more vulnerable. To have a calm and happy feeling along with the details of pregnancy, the below mentioned books are the best. 

  • Belly laughs
  • The shit no one tells you about pregnancy
  • The girlfriends guide to pregnancy.

These are few books that give you all the pregnancy related information in a joyful and funny manner. 


Wife, sister, friend, colleague anyone who is pregnant, requires all the love, care, affection and little bit of pampering too. Make one such woman more happy and optimistic with these lovely gifts. These gifts would make their life a little easier and better. 

To all the pregnant woman out there, you all deserve all the love and happiness in the world.!! 

Happy gifting!! 

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