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Happy Valentine’s Day to you all my dear friends.Love you all!!!

 Uh!! Oh!!! Am I wrong by wishing you all my friends in this day?🤔I’m still confused🤷‍♀️. Valentine’s day is the celebration of love and affection. But, Why do we address this day as meant for our better half, our soulmate and to our beloved only? 

Why not to our creator (our parents), to our pillars (our teachers), to our partner in crime( our besties). Just say  ”I LOVE YOU” to all these souls, there is no harm in it. This love is not meant for only one in your life, share your love with all of these important people in your life. Let’s see how we can celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day with all the loved ones with your friends and family.

There are many predominant and most famous Valentine’s symbols that are wrongly meant only for lovers or wife. Neither one has said so nor can say so. Let’s break the myth this Valentine’s day. 


Before it was invented that heart is  the organ that pumps blood,  mankind has related the heart to feelings. Any type of emotion comes from the heart and this has been followed for ages. Of all the strong emotions, love is the best one that keeps the world going. Hence, heart symbol for Valentine’s day meant giving the entire self to someone. You can give yourself to anyone in family, friends  who you deeply love. Gift them with heart shaped bouquets,  chocolate, cake, pillow anything to show your love. How would it be If you give a Heart shaped cake to your mother and say “I love You”.? 


One of the ancient stories says that the Greek God of Love is ” EROS”. Hence,  ROSE is  considered the right gift of love  as it is the same as EROS.  Red rose in particular because it symbolises “love, beauty, courage, respect and passion”.Give your Dad a single rose and tell him ” I Love You”. His world would bloom with thousands of roses with your single rose .  

Dove and love : 

It was the popular belief that birds chose their mate for the year on February 14.Since doves and pigeons mate for life ,they symbolize loyalty, fidelity and love. Hence, love birds or white pigeons are also considered symbol for love. 

Gift your grandparents with a pair of real love birds or pigeons  for this valentines day and see their reaction. Happy tears would tell you everything. 

Not much of our grandparents in our family would have celebrated this day. Tell them the meaning of this day, prove to them that they and their love is so important to you in your life. Show them how much we needed them among us. This will be the most valuable and most Cherising moment for them.

Cupid : 

In Roman mythology, Cupid is son of Greek Goddess Venus who is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. He is said to fulfill his mother’s dream of making people fall in love with a bow and arrow. He is said to have a golden arrow that make people to fall in love,  whom they first see after being hit. A cute cupid clipart, a photo frame,mug or fridge magnet with cupid illustration or cupid greeting card would be of great gifts for valentines. Try giving this cute, funny  little cupid gift to your bestie, he/ she would know for sure that this love would never end. 

Love Knot: 

Since ancient times, knots have been associated with love, union and the concept of eternal and unbreakable love. Comparing it to our tradition, we  tie three knots for marriage , which again means bonding to love. There are a lot of jewellery designed in the form of knot- an earpeice, a ring, a pendant anything in the form of knot can be given to your love. Gift your cute sister with these accessories and convey her,  the bonding of siblings would last till eternity. 

This blog is little different and unique in a way. The gifts mentioned are cliche, common and regular but the intention is clarify that, these common gifts are not meant only for romance. These are for love, it depicts deep, pure, eternal and unconditional love which could be on anyone from family , friends or others. 

Wish All your love on Valentine’s day and make them feel special and loved.

Happy Valentine’s day to all!! 

Happy gifting!! 

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