Gifts for her

Birthday gifts for her

Special birthday gift ideas for her on her special day. Unique, useful and lovely gifts ideas for the soft hearted and warmth giving woman of your life.

Automatic handbag illuminator: 

The most common problem for a woman in her daily life is fetching a lipgloss /  clip or a wallet from her own handbag. A women’s handbag is crazily packed with all the essentials such that fetching the required essential is always a big task and tough one too. One has to insert her head deep within or use trial and error method to fetch the required item. But i have a solution for this now: 

The Automatic handbag illuminator is a small round light which is sleek in design and suitable for both handbag and tote. Special proximity sensors switch on the light on approach of a hand and switch off automatically saving battery. These sensor lights solve the daily issue of endless digging and searching. Gift her with this automatic illuminator for her birthday and be the special person always. 


Reusable beeswax food wrap: 

The most common way to store a food item in refrigerator is by  using a plastic cover or aluminium foil. We just throw those food wraps immediately after usage, thus polluting the environment. This reusable food wraps are an environment friendly alternative. These are made from the beeswax that are obtained during the natural cleaning of honey. These cloth wraps are available as sheets or rolls. They can be washed and reused. They are trendy, colourful and hygienic too. This beeswax possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties which keeps the food clean and fresh. 

If your woman is a nature lover, an hygienic freak as well as the trend setter, this is the right gift for her. 


Queen gift set: 

What is the first thing you do for your special woman’s birthday. Plan a party, invite friends and cut cake . The basic thing that we do is decorate the place of celebration. Considering you have taken an extra step to make her feel more special by decorating the venue like a castle to make her feel like a princesses, then you should not miss this gift. 

It is a Queen gift set that consists of an inflatable crown, a hand painted marble coasters and a crown shaped metallic handle mug with the words “Queen of Everything”. This would give her the feel of a Queen and would make her day. 


Facial roller: 

Facial roller are made of natural stones like Jade, rose quartz, Amethyst etc., These stone have all the mineral properties packed in themselves. They are  used to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins, ease muscle tension, decrease puffiness and stimulate blood-flow to increase your skin’s glow. The best way for self facial and self care at home. Gift this very simple and unique beauty product for your beautiful lady.


Personalised accessories:

Accessories with the initials or name is not the personalisation that we want to portray here. These are the most common personalisations done in everything. 

These accessories i.e, bracelet, pendants are personalised with your own handwriting. Name, phrase or anything can be written with your own handwriting style. This would be more unique and special for your beloved personnel. A pendant with your own handwriting for your love, what more could she ask for? 

There are also tear drop or bar shaped pendants made with personnel fingerprints. 

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Gift boxes: 

What could be the best gift other than a box with essentials, love message, flowers, etc for a woman. There are plenty of gift box options to choose from.”Fashionista” for the fashion queen, “Master chef” for the creator of awesome food, “The Chai addict” for the chai lover, “The Ultimate party combo” for the crazy party person and many more combos. 

These combos has the essentials items as per the name, a message card, flowers etc.,Try this gift and this would definitely be the most liked one of all. 

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Women always loves surprises, what more she would ask her if the surprise is nothing but the right unique gift? Try these different gifts and make her feel blessed and loved.

Happy Gifting!!!

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