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What a crazy year it has been? An invisible virus has changed our lives all together and still the craziness continues for many of us. Life has become full of challenges, hurdles and above all stress. We are facing anxiety, stress, depression in one form or the other. But as a nature of mankind, we are facing all of them with courage and determination.

There are few people who have specifically succeeded in education, career, sports or anything in spite of these circumstances.  After a long travel  they might have come to this successful end with a lot of hurdles and challenges to cross through.

SOoooo….What should we do now?🤔🤔🤔

We should CONGRATULATE them😃 Yes!!!


FANTASTIC!! YAY!! AMAZING!! GREAT JOB!! HATS OFF!! Words from us to our loved ones will always express our gratitude and feelings for them. Ok but, will that be enough for them for this long travelled achievement?

No.. not at all! come on friends….we have to celebrate, 🎊 🎉 give them wonderful and unforgettable gifts 🎁 with your heartfelt wishes. 

Here are some unique ideas to capture these moments. These gifts will be a remembrance of their potential to succeed even in worst situations and aspire to do more. 


Role model for inspiration: 

Your loved one would have always talked about this person,  praised their achievements, listened to their autobiography, pasted their quotes / saying. This person is none other than a role model. They would have looked upon their role model  to motivate themselves in hard times. 

What if, they have this role model in front of their eyes always ? Gift a portrait photo of role model with a motivational quote as a gift for congratulating. It could be on a photo stand or it could be made into a silhouette sticker on the wall, a canvas hand painted portrait etc., A simple yet a elite gift right? 


Successful people always have a plan from long term to day to day. They also have a contingent plan in place in case of risk factors. Planning all your work and writing it somewhere always finds a way to to achieve those . 

Daily rewritable planner: 

The daily planners  are small, creative and colourful one which help to capture your daily plan. The planning details can be written more extensively as all aspects of planning are being asked for. You can track the status with these planner right in front of you. The most iconic is that, the planner can be kept erect like a photo stand and can be re-written daily. Sounds crazy right? 


Yearly activity planner undated: 

These yearly planner are unique and  special. There are no dates specifically given. Only months plan sheets are available at the start of every month. This planner is very interactive with space to capture everything you want to do in a year. Tear away note cards,whats on your mind page, scrabble your thoughts page, post your review page etc are given in the planner. Colourful and engaging too. 

Gift your loved ones with these planners.They need not write their goals and plans in a paper and keep aside. Let it be erect, elegant and push them more to keep moving forward. 


Business Card holder: 

This is quite a common gift but if your loved one has got the most awaited promotion in his career, i feel this is the best gift. A  business card holder with smooth leather cover, an unique design  and personalised with name would be best for their newly printed cards. 

Apart from these gifts, they also need a break from the daily routine. For this success, they would have worked for days, months or even years. 

Get the loved ones a memorable and relieved wonderful break which will help them to wide open their eyes for the next step in life. 


Night Out: 

He/She has spent hours preparing themselves for an exam and has succeeded in it. They might have missed out on many parties, movie nights, get together with their friends. Help them to have that moment now.

Plan a surprise night out, camping or movie night by contacting their friends. Let them have their own happy time with friends and buddies. 

Therapy to relax: 

How about you get a back massage on your long day of work? feeling relaxed and rejuvenated right? 

Gift your loved ones with a spa, massage or any other relaxing therapy to make them feel relaxed and re-energised. 

Adventurous Sport: 

Feed fire to the feeling of success with another success. An adventurous sport, anything like skydiving, scuba, Bungee jumping etc., would always be in everyone’s mind to do at least once in life. Help your loved one to do their adventurous sport to feel on cloud nine.

Congratulate your beloved ones in a very unique, specific way to feel loved and successful. 

Happy Gifting!! 

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