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Birthday Gifts for Brother

Who would be alike at least to 10% of your nature? The one from the same gene and blood- siblings, possess similar thoughts, character and nature. The first friend in all our lives right from birth is our sibling. We might have fought a lot, had hard times when small but, as we grow up we realise the best relationship given by God next to parents is a sibling.

That too if you have a brother, you are blessed. They take the position of a father at some point in your life and lead you through all struggles. 

“If you have nothing in life, but a

loving brother, you are rich”. 

Won’t you wish to gift such loving brother, something special for his birthday.?

A daily use accessory: 

I am sure you would have guessed the gift with the heading. Yes, it’s nothing other than “A Watch”. You may ask me what different in gifting a watch, It’s the commonest gift of all. Yes, but men always loves to have a bunch of watches to suit their outfit, place of visit, mood of the day and so on. What makes the watch gift unique is nothing but knowing their need. Get details of all the watches they possess and gift a completely different one.

A funky watch  from Chumbak, moto 360 smartwatch, anything could make the perfect gift. 

Check for funky watches.

Check for moto 360 smart watch.

Gift to play the day out: 

Your brother always loves to play but this pandemic has become a big hindrance for it. Missing his friends, feeling bored, tired of playing with the small smartphone it’s time to upgrade for them. Gift your brother with these gifts to make him happy and enthusiastic. 

Nintendo switch : 

It’s an video game console. It’s similar to 90’s handheld video games but with a lot of developments to give an real experience of playing on a playstation. To add further, it’s a bit costly one. 

check for purchase

Mobile gamepad: 

The extra accessory for your smart phone with control and button is the game pad  The phone could be attached to it and worked as a single entity for gaming.It is the best alternative for Nintendo Switch. 

Check for various types and options. 

But don’t forget this gaming gift to be only on *Conditions applied*.

Man and gadget: 

Men and gadgets would have been lovey dovey couples in the previous world. Their connection is  more intimate than a wife . They always are with a laptop, phone or gaming controller. Men has such attraction towards gadgets. If you gift them with a useful gadget or the one they are being thinking of in a long time, that would be the best gift to make their day. 

A sea of gadgets is available in the market from a small trimmer to an exoctic drone camera. All you need to know is,  their requirement for their education or work. Right gadget on a birthday, would make their day. 

Gift a celebrity: 

An inspiration, a role model, a hero, a guide- Your brother would really have someone in his life personifying the above said titles. He would  try to imitate their deeds, read their motivational quotes, persuade others of their success and follow every step. 

Above all, he would wish to possess something similar like his hero/ role model. 

Gift your brother   shirt, shoe, phone, goggles, books, perfume or anything,  exactly like the one possessed by his role model. He would be really happy and proud to own it.

Personalised gifts: 

Never underestimate the emotional side of men. More than women, men are connected to all their belongings emotionally. Personalised gifts especially made with love all by yourself, would be the best for his birthday.

Sibling memories: 

The first best friends in our life would have been our siblings. Those childhood memories with our  sibling is the best part. It has many stories, incidents and lot of laughter involved.

You can customise your brother’s photo in a mug, frame, canvas, T shirt or  anything along with the hints of memorable incidents, words used for fighting, favourite place to hang out, favourite food after school, games that played together etc. , 

This would be a big remembrance of the past and an unique one too.  Won’t you think your brother would love such a gift?


Box of Surprise: 

Deep in heart,  men are very emotional, sensitive and childish. They hide their childish behaviour but always recollect them at various instances. 

Surprise your brother and take him back to his childhood days. A box of surprise can include all his favourite items from 

his childhood like  chocolate,  most used brand of pen and pencil,  sports star photo (which he might have possessed in his young age),  story book, school class photo, marksheet (if available), old board games or card games etc. 

Add all his favourites in to a big box with lots of balloons, thermocol balls, plastic balls anything to fill up the empty space. Let him find these precious items in this treasure box and become a child again.Unleash the child in your brother.

Some gifts are common, some are unique. But i am very sure, these are the most loved items by any men. So give it a try.Gift these for your loving brother on his birthday.

Happy Gifting!!

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