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Honeymoon Gifts

Mother Nature has its own rules for human life cycle.

Brought up in different places,

Grownup in their own paces,

End Up into the same phrases,



Yes!!! Did you get it, about whom I am mentioning now?

Some of you among us will be married in deep love and some may be destined to be married by our family. Whoever it is there will be a lot of hesitations, anxiety and fright how our life will be here after with our better half?

In order to get rid of all these worries our folks have a practice to say, a belief to send the newly married couple immediately after marriage to a special vacation called HONEYMOON.

Honeymoon is the first place to express our feelings and gratitude to our beloved ones who will be there with us for the rest of our life, hence it should be made surprising and a memorable moment for the rest of the entire life. The gifts given / received will also become a keepsake Here are some unique gifts ideas and surprises only for honeymoon couples.

Polaroid camera: 

Your better half would be a photomaniac who loves to catch a picture of every moment, to treasure and remember life long. The photos taken in mobile phone or dslr camera will be only preserved in  laptop and becomes a no man visit area. There is a probability of unpleasant events happening like missing those lovely memories in a hard drive crash too. What if those photos are handy and are going to be your home decor ? 

Gift your photomaniac spouse with a Polaroid camera. The pictures are in your hand every time you take them. Let them start collecting and preserving  memories from your honeymoon itself. These photos when hung as a home decor will add beauty and remind you of all lovely moments together. A lovely and thoughtful gift for your dear spouse right? 

Check and for various brands and varieties of polaroid cameras. 

Calligraphed Wedding vows: 

In India, as per our traditions and custom of a wedding, exchange of vows may not be a direct event but it is somehow invovled indirectly. Wedding vows are nothing but the commitment and the promise given to each other on their wedding, hence every bride and groom would have their vows . 

Gift your spouse with your wedding vow that you wished to convey engraved in wood, glass or canvas with a wedding picture. What a lovely way to express your love and sincerity towards it? Won’t your partner be moved and have happy tears? 

Check , for engraving types

Scrap Book: 

Certainly, everyone would have a love phase prior to marriage in any type, be it love or arranged marriage. There would be a time gap between engagement and wedding which is the best days in the majority of our lives. That phase is so beautiful like a day with a drizzle, rainbow clearly visible, scent of pure nature and a pleasant sunset to watch. In such overwhelming days, we would had  n number of memories and precious moments to treasure. You don’t want to fade those moments with years right? 

You can create a scrap book with all the memories, pictures, keepsakes etc., and can be treasured. Gift your spouse with this scrap book in your honeymoon to make them feel valued and loved. 

Check for colorful scrap books with lot of design, space for details, photos etc.,

Romantic accessories: 

How romantic would it be to have your spouse name etched in your accessory as it is in your heart? You can gift an infinity loop pendant etched with names or phrase, a bracelet with your own phrase of love, two heart pendant with names etc.,. These  accessories are unique, pretty and elite. .

To add the cherry on top, they also have a Secret proposal ring. It has words”I love you” hidden in the ring underneath the stones. These accessories are made up of silver and  rose gold neatly engraved and polished. 

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Travel Journal: 

This might look like a common gift but it is indeed unique and lovely for people who loves to record memories. If your spouse is one such  person then this is the right gift for your honeymoon. Gift a travel journal such that all your travels together as a couple could be recorded with beautiful pictures and keepsakes starting from honeymoon. After 30 years or so if you can regain all lovely moments with this book, won’t you feel you have led a complete life? 

Check for  unique and different travel journal. 

Being Romantic: 

Romance is not just hug or kiss. It’s a feeling deep within, of love and being loved. When you love a person you will cross mountains and seas to make them feel happy, special and loved. 

In your initial days of dating, your love would have expressed interest in something like listening to specific music, playing an instrument, dancing or any other thing. Make an effort to learn them professionally and perform specifically only for your better half in your honeymoon. 

Imagine a candle light dinner, only you both in a private place on a full moon night. You stand up, grab your spouse’s hand and make them sit on a couch and perform  their favourite song, dance or instrument only for them. Won’t they be moved? This romantic gesture of yours with a lot of effort put in will never be forgotten till the end.

Surprise Proposal: 

You should let know the person,  your love and how much you love. In a love marriage the proposal  would have happened in the beginning stage itself and in an arranged marriage it might or might not have happened. 

But don’t you feel responsible in showing your love, care and affection is always the same and marriage has only enhanced it? Propose to your spouse in a way they like, be it simple or extravagant or cinematic or poetic . You know your better half taste. Take time and help from others to prepare the right time and  right moment for your proposal in your honeymoon. Make it your day and let them feel the love that they are going to experience throughout their lifetime. 

I would like to break the myth of this-“It is not necessary that a man should always take the first step. Propose your husband on your honeymoon, because he deserves it as much as you do”. 

As I deeply think 🤔 our 70% of life will be shared with our better half. As they always say, “First impression is the best impression “ make your honeymoon trip a memorable one for the lifetime with lots of unique gifts and surprises.

Happy Gifting!!


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