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Quarantine gifts

Let God shower his blessings abundantly, for all my dear friends who are fighting this deadly virus. 

If you feel agitated with the question “is this time for gift ideas”? I would answer you politely as, ” this is not just a gift blog that celebrates happiness, but also wishes to give a supporting hand in times of crisis with simple ideas”. This topic is one such – A blog on gift ideas for people who are self quarantined in respective homes. Very simple, easy and affordable ways for your self-quarantined loved ones to make them feel motivated, engaged and loved. 


We  humans are social animals. Our design is to live in groups and be dependent on each other. These uncertain circumstances like quarantine would affect both mentally and emotionally. Having none to talk with is the most painful of all. 

Podcast are one such way to lessen this loneliness. You can select podcasts related to individuals’ interests like comedy, motivational autobiography, inspirational stories or anything. Download the podcast and leave it at their footsteps. These podcast listening will give a feeling like someone is talking to them personally and will enlighten their mood too,  based on the type. 

A journal: 

Writing is like meditation for people who love to write. Penning down thoughts and emotions would be their way of ventout. People who write dairy daily or note down all the important events as a keepsake, this is for them. Leave a well bounded, colourfully designed, elite quality paper journal at their door. Send a text 

“For the writer in you, pen down, 

all your thoughts and emotions,

all you love,

all you aspire for,

all that you reflect on thyself,

all you wish to do when out of this crisis,

all you want to say, anything and everything. 

because i wanted to know and fulfill all as you are my ALL”

Woww… Won’t they be touched with these lines and start writing more and more. Thus they spend more time with this journal and less time being ideal which is the creator of all evil thoughts. 

A Book: 

People who read and find solace by reading really need a book at this hour of crisis. Rather than a call , chat or videos, books can only give them the comfort they need. Select a good book or a series of books based on their interest in reading and leave it at their doorstep. They would feel really happy and will remain content. 

Adding to this specifically, make sure it is a good,  encouraging and engaging book by avoiding negativity in any form. 

Let it be a plain cover book rather than an ebook to reduce the stress of screen time. Why not think of an inspiring quote bookmark to add to essence? 

Favourite playlist: 

“Dancing and music can cure things medication never will” – William Blanco May

Music has power to heal wounds and pain both internally and externally. This is the best way to keep your quarantined loved one engaged, encouraged and healthy. Select their favourite songs and make it a playlist. Place speakers close to their room and play their favourite songs when not in rest.This would lighten up their mind and help to find peace. You can also play some calming soothing music in night to overcome insomnia. 

Furthermore, you can also gift an ipod or any music system for them to enjoy. Avoid earphones, let’s be cautious enough and  not cause even a minor issue through gifts. 

Simple easy craft set:

Women out there who are working or housewife, their life is completely a jam packed with a lot of daily chores. They are so used to working that they cannot be idle. They always look out for doing something and keep them engaged. 

For such work alcoholic person , gift them some easy craft set like a basic embroidery set, crochet set, macrame kit, knitting kit etc., based on their interest and likes. They would love to spend their time in a productive way like this and fight boredom. After all the crisis, frame their work or keep it in a prominent place in the home to remind how they have strongly fought the crisis individually. 

Online games: 

Not the online games readily available on phone or tablet. Connect all your friends or family in a conference call (video call too), play the favourite group game that you always used to play like dumbcharades, sing a song from the last word,memory game or anything. This would lighten their mood and remove loneliness. It would also give more confidence to fight more with all their wit. 

These are gifts to say to people who are self quarantined in home to tell them, we are all together to overcome this crisis. To remove their loneliness, to make them engaged, keeping them away from idleness, to give them confidence and above all to let them know that their loved ones are waiting just outside the doors. 

Would like to end with a caution note, never disturb with any of these ideas when they are ought to take rest. Let them rest and relax whenever they wish too and as much as possible. These gift ideas are only when they feel bored and want some company. Let’s support each other, take care of one another, follow government protocols and fight this deadly virus totogether.

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Happy Gifting!! 

Stay safe, Stay healthy!! 

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