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Environment friendly gifts in lockdown

June is a month to kick start the activities of  protecting mother nature. We observe June 5th as World Environment day and June 8th as World Ocean day. The environment including our ocean has been depleted to the maximum extent by mankind. UN has first initiated in 1972 to have combined efforts in protecting earth,   as it cannot be  just the effort of officials but has to include efforts from every single human being in doing so. 

To do my part, here is the blog on environment friendly gifts during these days of lockdown. Easy, simple hand made gifts from waste. 

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Gifts from plastic bags, wrappers: 

Plastic is there in our day to day life. All our food packaging is nearly 90% plastic. We could say it is reusable, recyclable but if the quantity of waste produced is far more than it could be recycled, then it amounts to a large amount of solid waste generation and all types of pollution. 

Let’s consider this case, if we get 10 plastic bags in a day , reuse 8 and 2 are sent for recycling, then the real effect of recycling could be achieved. 

We could reuse or give someone as a gift to sow the seed of waste reduction. There are plenty of options to change these plastic bags from useful jump rope, basket,  to decorative pom pom, wreath and wall hanging,

check and for easy and simple ways to  reuse of plastic bags.

Gifts from old newspapers: 

Reading the newspaper everyday is a good habit. But the amount of trees cut for paper production has increased exponentially in the last 40 years as per data. For one ton of newspaper, nearly 12 ptrees are cut. How many trees would be required just for one day? All we do is spend half an hour in the newspaper, pile them up and throw them away or give them away for recycling. Reuse has never been taught or practised in many of our homes.  

There are plenty of ways to reuse an old newspaper. 

  • Turning into straw or coils and  making crafts like christmas tree, star, photo frame and  small basket.
  • Newspaper seedling pots
  • Home decor wall hangings
  • scribbling pad  for toddlers
  • Paper bags 

Check for various useful ways to reuse an old newspaper.

Gifts from used old clothes: 

The second major waste generation from our homes is used clothes. many of us gave the habit of giving them off to the needy which is indeed the best option. Apart from that,  there would be clothes that are torn or colourless which constitutes to waste generation. 

These clothes can be used in various ways, useful as well as home decor. 

  • old socks as toys or coffee cozies
  • Jeans as holder, napkin or a dog plush toy.
  • Old sweater as socks, designed table cloth . 
  • Shirt as scarf, tote  or vest.

These are just a few options. Check out for some easy ways of reuse.

Gifts from plastic bottles: 

However we try to reduce the use of plastic bottles, they fill up our trash. As we all know these one time use plastic bottles are a big threat to pollution, reuse should be considered in all possible ways. 

From useful items like zipper cases, piggy bank, vertical garden, sprinkler, mobile charger basket, bird feeder to decor items like party decor, owl vases, plastic vases. 

Don’t you think these are lovely gifts made with our own hands? 

Check for easy and simple hacks for reuse of plastic bottles.

Gifts from packaging material: 

Online era has led to the waste generation of packaging material . There are various types of packing from envelope cover, bubble wrap, air filled plastic cushion, cardboard boxes and many more. Online shopping has become our way of life, henceforth this waste generation has also increased.

There are plenty of packing material return policy plans followed by the corporates, but I doubt their effectiveness. Reuse of these packing materials is more durable and effective. It can be reused as organizers, weed controllers, sign boards, pet bed etc. 

 Check for easy and simple reuse methods. 

Gifts from cosmetic container: 

Beautiful ladies have their own brand for makeup. All these make up items come in plastic, glass, tin type containers generally. When women clean their room, the used makeup containers also add up to waste. As there are recycling programmes in packaging materials, these make up corporates also have some return and recycling programmes but only very few top brands. 

Turn old lip balm case for carrying pins, Use compact makeup container for organising small items in your handbag or for carrying travel sew kit, Use old lipsticks for carrying pills, Use old perfume bottles as flower vase and many more.

Check and for more simple and useful ways of reuse. 

Seed / Plant : 

June 5th is World Environment day and the theme for 2021 is “Ecosystem Restoration- Reimagine, Recreate, Restore”. What can an individual do? may be the first question that you have. Growing trees, greening cities, rewilding gardens, changing diets and cleaning up river or coast are the basic things that an individual can help in ecosystem restoration.Our small deeds also matter in giving back to nature. 

This gift I might have written about in many blogs, but I don’t mind adding them often. This is the right gift to anyone at any point of time and need of the hour too. You can gift  seeds or a plant according to geographical conditions and make life blossom.

Some may have the doubt, is this the gift I am going to give my loved ones on their special day?

Why not? 

These are simple and easy ways of converting waste to useful one. In these days of lockdown where all shops are closed and delivery services are cancelled, these are the best ways to express. Even Though they are made out of waste, they are still useful, elegant, pretty, environment friendly  and above all made with your own hands.  The value cannot be matched. 

Try these small and useful gifts from waste to gift your loved ones. 

“We take so much from the nature, 

It’s time to pay respect and give back as much as possible”.

Reimagine, Recreate, Restore!!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!!

Save mother earth!!! 

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