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Gifts for Doctors

Every profession has its own special day to recognise the effort and support, given to the growth of the country and mankind . The special day is observed  on the birth anniversary of the most eminent professional in that particular field. 

Engineers day – September 15 – Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

Nurse day – May 12- Florence Nightingale

Teachers day – September 5 – Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Doctor’s day – July 1 –  Dr.Bidan Chandra Roy 

These days generally goes by with a whatsapp status, facebook post , wishing the dear ones in the particular field or with a special meal arranged by the respective organisations. 

But every profession is significant in its own way. Today we know the importance of doctors and nurses. They are the warriors fighting with this invisible enemy. On this Doctor’s day let’s be grateful for the serving community. Show your support and gratitude to your near and dear doctors with a small token of appreciation. Gift them with these simple yet unique and useful gifts on this doctor’s day : 

Multifunctional pen:

In the entire service time, the doctor possess two items – Stethoscope and Pen.

These two are the most basic essentials which they carry every single day. Won’t it need to be unique and personal? We non medicals cannot decide on a stethoscope, but can surely give one of a kind pen.

Pen are numerous in type and brand. Multifunctional are one unique rare type in the best brand.

What if you can use one single pen as pencil, red pen,blue pen as well as stick to handle smartphones? Incredible right. 

These multifunctional pen can be used as blue pen, a small effortless turn makes into black pen, a further turn makes into a pencil. They can also be used to handle your smartphones as this option  is the most required for doctors  who wear gloves for work. 

Check out for purchase of these multifunctional pens. 

Testimonial  poster: 

If we check a doctor’s profile online, there would be a number of testimonial on his/ her professional excellence as well as Thank you notes. For your dear doctor, you can collect all the Thank you notes, optimistic testimonials collate them into one big poster and wall mount. 

These words of gratitude and positivity would boost their morale. Whenever they feel down, tired or on low self esteem, this poster would make them start again afresh with all the energy. 

The best way of appreciation and love, isn’t it? 

Table accessories:

 Working professionals spend 8 to 9 hours a day on their table . To give it a home touch, better feel and positive vibes they do decorate with photos, quotes, lights, decor or anything. Same applies for doctors as well,  their working table should bring all energy and enthusiasm. Table organisers and table decors would be the best choice for it: 

Table organisers: 

Even though the world is trying to be paperless,  certain things can’t be avoided like medical reports and prescriptions. A doctor’s table is filled with reports, visiting cards, new brochures of medicines, pen, prescription pad etc. It will be chaos if not organised. Proper file holders, pen and other  stationary holders, brochure, booklet racks could be the best possible way to organise. 

Check out trendy, professional table organisers at to choose an opt and best one.

Table decors: 

You enter office space and sit on your chair, what would be the first thing you would like to notice on your table? a small indoor plant, your most inspiring quote, lovely photo or hand crafted pen stand. These small things would make you feel pleasant, energized and positive for the day. Gift a lovely quote,  bonsai tree, crafted coasters or any other similar, unique and worthwhile table decor for your doctor to start their day pleasantly. 


Journals have become very much modernized in today’s world. Earlier it would be just ruled with date and year. Now you have journals to record everything, space for specific details, ways to monitor and analyse and option to decorate with pictures, stamps and photos. 

Journals have also become very specific like Journal  to record baby growth, pregnancy details, marriage planning and what not. Doctors also use journals every  single day to record their appointments, operation details, hints of medical research papers, new medicines available in the market and much more. 

You can choose a professional leather one to a funky cute journal for your doctor. Choose the right one based on their need and this would surely be best gift option among others. 

Professional leather journal – 

Cool and funky journal-

Stress relievers: 

Stress is common in everyone. Every individual also has a way to vent it out like  listening to music, meditation, dancing, art, cooking, long drives etc., 

These days of pandemic has increased our stress levels and this case is more worse for our frontline fighters doctors. They need to destress and start afresh every day . 

  • Gift a wall mounted mandala art or a mandala colouring book if they are interested in art to destress. 
  • A massage to their leg and shoulders would also mean a lot as they are physically more engaged. Foot massagers, electric massagers would be the best choice. 

Check for these gift options. 

Professional keepsake:

We all have our own personal keepsake of childhood days, college days memories, school day’s crush, first love etc. They are either photo, written dairy , slam book from friends, friendship bands, anything. These keepsake brings back joy, memories, happiness and a good feel overall. 

Similarly you can gift a doctor with lot of experience with a professional keepsake.Its nothing but a well decorated  box,( may be personalised too) where you can just collect all the details of his/her experience from difficult operations, unforgettable incident during service, awards received, recognitions from society etc.,  in small postcards, along with old photos, young picture with doctor coat, first used stethoscope etc. 

This will make them remember the long way they have travelled and give a boost to stop not. 

Gift a doctor with these useful ideas and make  him feel special, loved and appreciated. The another best thing we can do best in these tough times is to stay indoors and break the chain. 

To all doctor’s who are serving this nation, you deserve all the love, support and gratitude from each one of us. You will be  in our prayers to overcome this enemy soon. Happy Doctor’s day!! 

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