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Gifts at 40s for both men and women

Gift ideas for 40- is today’s topic. But why? It’s as simple as that, this is 40th blog!! Useful and unique gift ideas for your dear ones on a special occasion like birthday, anniversary, career growth, etc., who are in their midlife, that is 40 years. 

Life at  midlife i.e 40 comes after the tough phases of adolescence and adulthood. At these ages there are a lot of struggles for education, career,  and settlement of life. These all will subside in the late 30s. At 40 you feel more alive, reborn and afresh because the responsibilities & dependencies have reduced  and self confidence & self care has increased. You have time for your own self and dreams. 

But  40s also have other effects physically, mentally and psychologically. 

Grey Hair, wrinkles in face, dull tone, reduced sleep, anger prone are common at 40. Even though dependencies have reduced, stress due to adolescent kids, older parents, financial stability, crazy hormones etc would cause anxiety, depression and less mental health. With all this insight let’s see the gift ideas for both men and women in their midlife,  which are simple, useful and required for their happy self. 

Upgrade Engagement ring: 

10 or 15 years would have passed with the wedding ring on your love. These years of togetherness have made your relationship stronger, determined and unbreakable. The diamond on the ring might be losing its shine but the love has become more gleaming and pure. Don’t you think that diamond need to get upgraded? 

Get a new wedding ring, go the place where you got married, get on your knees and propose all over again. Recreating your wedding or proposal would be the best gift in midlife, as it refreshes the feelings for each other. What a romantic gift? 

Gifts for young look: 

As we get older the  first major concerns would be appearance and looks. We all always want to look young, pretty and smart. But nature is not so. Wrinkles in face, dullness in tone and grey hair are some which can be avoided. 

If your loved ones feel low because of these ageing issues, these are the right gifts. 

  • Select good, authorised organic beauty products for skin and face, subscribe for a periodic delivery.
  • Hair spa and massage package.
  • Permanent colouring of hair. 

A gift to develop self love and acceptance. Be cautious in selecting these gifts, do proper research and analysis. 

Souvenir for 40:

During these days of pandemic and lockdown, certain celebration plans would not be possible. There is an option for this, gift a souvenir with the wishes from all. 

Confused? Simple,  a collage with all wishes in the  number 40 i.e., Get wishes from all well wishers, loved ones, friends and family,  Make a huge number 40 and include all these wishes as a collage in the number, frame it. 

A beautiful gift to look back on the path of 4 decades of life.

Gifts for healthy life: 

For a healthy life we need a calm mind and peaceful heart. Both of these phrases  are tough as we get older. Kids at adolescence, parents at old age, financial stress brings in anxiety and increases the stress levels. Sleepless nights and anger issues are the most common problem in your midlife. 

  • noise cancelling earphone
  • weighted blanket
  • gel packed cool eye mask
  • aroma humidifier

or any other item for a peaceful sleep.

  • Fidget cube
  • Tibetan singing bowl
  • natural stone ring or bracelet

to reduce your stress and make your mind calm.

These gifts would be of great use and it would be the most required items for their midlife.

Gift a Ruby: 

Ruby in the representation of 40 . For 40th birthday, ruby would be the best choice of gift. A jewellery with ruby tops the list. But other options to represent ruby are: 

  • A souvenir with ruby and heartfelt personalised  wishes
  • Real preserved forever rose
  • Ruby glazed red eternity rose

Any gift with the touch of ruby would make it significant and memorable always.

Best gift for homemaker:

Homemakers would have lost their hobby, skill, me time in the previous years because the responsibility of looking after kids as their major priority. But in 40s, kids have grown  into an independent individual. They get a lot of free time which can be used constructively. Knowing about their interests, likes and dislikes gift classes on any new skill or gift requirements of their favorite  hobby.

Simple gift yet wonderful because you are giving back their lovely days.

Try these simple, unique and useful gift for your dear ones in their 40s. 

“Age is an issue of mind over matter.

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”!!- Mark Twain

 Gift a lovely gift and make them feel loved, cared and above all young and energetic. 

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