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Gifts for Photographers

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words” – Destin Sparks

Every  blog written earlier almost has its gift ideas related to photography in some way or the other, like a collage/ silhouette/ canvas print/ art/ pencil sketch etc. Photo related gifts are so special, unique, personalised and above all, they are heartfelt because it is the happiest moment in a frame. 

We have talked about various photo gifts for our loved ones on special occasions/ events,  but this blog is for photographers, people who love photography or for those who want to pursue photography as a career. 

A blog on gift ideas for photographers or photography lovers on account of World Photography day- 19th August.  

Photography accessories as gifts: 

Lens cleaning set-

Not just a clean wipe cloth would be enough. A complete cleaning set is required which includes a lens pen, air blower and wipes for cleaning the lens . A perfect shot is dependent on the right lens and its focus. This is the basic requirement for a photographer. 

Check on for the best brands and options of lens cleaning.

Carrying case for a memory card-

When you are on your official photography trip,  all you need is a digital camera and many memory cards to filter out the best pics. To keep all the memory cards safely, a carrying case is a must. Simple gift for a photographer but the most useful one too.

Check for carrying case.

Photography passionate gifts: 

If your dear one is passionate about photography either professionally or of interest, try out these gifts.

Camera shaped items- 

Camera lens shaped mug, vintage camera showpiece, vintage camera  desktop organiser, camera pendrive, vintage camera roll wall sticker etc., so many options for a passionate photographer. These cute little gifts will make their day.

Check for these pretty gifts.

Digital photo frame- 

For success,  self evaluation is one of the most important criteria. For a photographer, if all his works are going to be just in computers and memory cards, they can never analyze strength and weakness. A digital photo frame is a way for it. All their important pics can be loaded and ready for work . This is also a  display of one’s work to customers. 

Check for Digital photo frames. 

Upgrade for the newbie- 

If your dear one is a newbie in photography we can always give them useful gift that would impart knowledge. Popular famous book of photography like “Understanding Exposure”, ” The Digital Photography” , short  course on photography, Monthly subscription of the best journal on photography etc. This would be a way to motivate and enlighten their knowledge. 

Check for the purchase of relevant books. 

The best photo framed- 

In the  career of professional photography, there would few  pics which are considered the best of all. It may be a portrait, a scenery, a wildlife picture or anything. Give them the most unique, loved, best pic in a frame. This would be  such a wonderful gift for  them to treasure. 

Photography professional gifts: 

Polaroid camera- 

You need not always have to take a picture, copy it into your computer and print them. Sometimes as we capture photos in some magical moment, having the same photo naturally as a printed one without any correction is also required. This is the best way to observe, analyse and learn. All we need is a polaroid camera. 

check for various types of polaroid cameras, to gift for better learning.

Instant mobile photo printer- 

Mobile phones also have a lot of improvised versions of cameras that are efficient and effective. There may be many opportunities for a perfect shot but the camera may not be with you. The perfect shot is caught on a mobile phone. 

Instead of copying into a computer, directly print in an instant mobile photo printer. A simple but most needed gadget for a photographer right? 



A bit costly affair but the most wanted one for a professional photographer. There are endless options for drones in the market. If you are choosing this for your dear one, then let it be themselves who decide on type, brand and as per their  need. 

As we always say, the right gift at the right time is always the best gift for your loved ones. If your dear is a photographer or future photographer, try these useful, encouraging and unique gifts for their special occasion/ event.

Happy gifting!!!

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