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2020 Olympics has brought many glories to our country. The number of medals might be less,  but barriers  in many games  have been shattered with our super performing sportsperson after many decades.

  •  The first ever gold for athletics was backed by Neeraj Chopra for Javelin Throw. 
  • Indian Men’s hockey team won bronze and Women’s hockey team ranked 4th after many decades.
  • Aditi Ashok ranked 4th in Women’s Golf
  • Kamalpreet Kaur ranked 6th in Discuss throw

As per records, this is our best Olympics since the debut in 1920. We should consider this as  the good start and small step for brighter future of our athletes. 

National Sports day is observed in India on 29th August every year, which is the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand – The Wizard of Hockey. He is the man with the highest number of goals and we have backed three Olympics gold in his period. 

On this occasion of National Sports day and Olympics records, let’s celebrate all our sports persons, not just the stars but also the near and dear ones who are passionate about sports and want to achieve something. 

Gift ideas for birthdays or any special events for sports person-

Sporty water bottle: 

Water, the basis of a living, is the most required for sports personnel. It keeps them hydrated and energized. They carry them during every practice and work out. Based on the type of sports, choose the right one. 

A sipper type water bottle for runners, Infuser bottles during heavy work out / hiking where the juices of fresh fruits can be infused for energy , a blender bottle for your protein shake when you hit the gym and a special water bottle for swimmers. There are many more types as per sports and as per need. Choose the right choice as per your dear one’s need and give them a lovely water bottle. It can be personalised to grab the right one even among 100 others. 

Check or for purchase. 

Massage gun: 

Daily exercise, daily workout and daily practice are inevitable for sports personnel. Even though they are used to such physical trauma daily, their muscles need some relaxation too. This cannot be done just by pressing with a  hot water bag. 

Massage gun is one of the best  ideas for muscle relaxation. These guns help to relax muscles and minimise soreness and tension. They come with a variety of head and speed to reduce muscle pain. This is one of the best gifts for a sports person to relax and get refreshed.

Check for various types of massage gun.

Gifts to inspire: 

At some point in life, you would have the question in your mind whether all the pain, suffering and time is worth your passion. Everyone would have the lowest point in what they do. At that point all you need is motivation, inspiration and a strong voice from within to just go on with a bang. 

Give a gift to get inspired and self encourage at their lowest point.

Favourite Jersey- 

In every sport your dear one would have their role model and an inspiration to do this. Give that favourite sportsperson Jersey which would become a keepsake always. 

Check for Indian Cricket team Jersey and for various other types. 

Note: Even if not readily available, design one for gifting. 

Words of encouragement- 

MS Dhoni once had a poster of his inspiration Sachin Tendulkar  when he was a kid. We all have our favourite quote or favourite personnel poster in our rooms to boost ourselves. Give your dear one their role model poster along with their words of encouragement/ quote to motivate towards their passion.

Autographed Portraits- 

Possessing your hero’s autograph is one of the best things. The autographs are now available online for purchase or as images. If your dear one is waiting to get the autograph of their inspirational sports person, then this is the right gift. Check for purchase. 

These gifts may look cheap, not worth your love, but NO. These small things make them inspired, motivated at the lowest point. When you love someone, you love everything they do,their passions too. A small gift to make them more passionate would be the best gift irrespective of cost, size and variety. 

Personalised travel kit: 

Travel becomes part of life in sports. They got to travel to attend various sports events. There are 100 to thousands of other people in the same venue. To make life a little easier , gift personalised items with name, initial or a symbol required for travel like toiletry bag, bag tags, towels etc., The best and most useful gift for a little easier travel for sports events. 

Medal holder stand: 

Medals are everything for an athlete. From the first medal which they earned to the olympics medal, all are a reward, recognition as well as energy to keep running. 

A cute stand with hooks and a platform to hung all the medals and display trophies is the best gift for an emerging athlete. They can be customised too as per need. 

Check and for the required medal holder stand.

 Very simple, useful and motivating gift ideas for your dear ones who are athletes and passionate in any sports. 

Happy Gifting!!

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