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Thank you gifts for teachers

September 5th – Teacher’s day

September 8th – International Literacy day

September 15th – Engineer’s day ( In honour of the birth anniversary of M.Visvesvaraya, a renowned engineer and educationist) 

September 21st – World Gratitude day 

Have you ever thought about why we have so many days to observe and celebrate? To recognise one’s efforts, to acknowledge one’s contribution and to show our gratitude and love. Every relationship, every profession has contributed to the growth and development of this world. To show respect, love and gratitude we observe so many days. 

With gratitude day ahead and this month is special for teachers, this blog is about Gift ideas to show our gratitude towards our teachers or gurus.


Our teachers should be appreciated with a token of love and gratitude. They should feel proud of their service and sacrifices to us. To show our respect to them we can give them the following personalised gifts:

Customized thank you note:

Some have a feeling that we want to thank our teacher in a very touching and in a very different way of humongous thoughts. For this you can create Your own gratitude note to your teacher and express your love to them.

 A personalised and heartfelt thanks note as a personalised greeting card, table decor or canvas framed one would be the best gift to really show your gratitude. Customise it with, and 

Customized trophy/ medal:

You might have won trophies,medals in  academics, sports or in any other talent of yours. But for all this, there is a proper coach behind, who has trained and spent sweat and blood like you.  They don’t receive any recognition. 

How about a trophy or a medal saying “The best teacher in the world” for your coach? This is one of the ways to say thank you for all their hard work and the best way to reward and recognise. 

Customize your own trophy with great appreciation to your loving Coach in, 


A guru should be respected and honored for his /her profession and position at their institution. For showing your appreciation , gift them the following: 

Table top  name sign/designation:

When you gift  your teacher a sign board with name and profession on it, it will show your great respect and gratitude to their position on your behalf. They will really be appreciated by this prestigious gift. You can also consider giving a name plate for the house. 

Customised, designed and unique name plate with their profession would give a sense of being righteous.

Check for the various options of desk or home name plates.

Customized embossing stamp:

These stamps can be customized based on their initials and signatures where the teachers qcan use this stamp to have a unique way to make a signature. He/ she will feel very proud and prestigious to have one of a kind gift like this.

Check for purchase of such embossing stamps. 

These may not be approved by your institutions or organisations, but it  would really be proud to your teacher to own such a thing.


When you feel that you want to show your gratitude to your teachers with a memorable gift, you can plan the following: 

Words in a collage:

If you say ,  my teacher always uses these words a lot when they teach and I want to give those words as a remembrance and show my respect to my teacher, this will be the best version of a gift to give it to them.

A word collage with the words usually used by the teacher  as a table decor or a canvas wall hanging. 

Customise it with www.prestogifts. and

Wishes from their gurus:

As we give respect to our gurus, they also give respect to their gurus. They would have talked about their respect , love for their gurus many times and how much they miss their presence of blessings. You can plan for this wonderful gift where you can get the appreciation note/ wishes from their gurus, engrave it and gift that unforgettable moment to them.

A lovely thought and a lovely gift to mean gratitude, affection and love. 

Simple, unique and elegant gifts to show our gratitude to our gurus, teachers, coaches or professional guide.

Say thank you and show your gratitude to those who shape you for the best. 

Happy Gifting !!!

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