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There is no sincere love than the love of food”-  George Bernard Shaw

I will accept this quote. Food is the epitome of life. No one in this world will say “ I don’t like food and I just eat for the sake of living “.Food is the only aspect where an individual will be true to themselves. 

Do you all agree to this? If not just think, when we go to a gathering, there are some people who talk very freely and jovially and some are very shy and very distantly behaved. But when we go to the dining place, people will be true to themselves and enjoy their time eating.

When it comes to food

 “We think of ourselves as being themselves “.

When we see an item on the table we think, What is this dish? Do I like the ingredients? Will it taste good? Will my tummy get full? Will I get adequate food ? And so on and on……That is the only moment we think about ourselves alone. A short period of time to take care of our own.Now friends did you get the importance of food?

That’s the reason why, wherever you go in this world and see whatever different cultures and customs, if it is a happy ceremony or a grieving ritual, they offer food for the guests to show respect and honor their presence.  

We will have lot of friends crossed in our life, in that at least one friend will be called a FOODIE in your gang am I right?😁 

Whom do we call a FOODIE? The person who is so straightforward and gives importance to food and respects the purpose of the food and who is free to accept it freely is called FOODIES.

To say, yes!!! they will be first for treats and will be first to throw treats for us at any number of times. 

 They are so open minded and courageous to accept the importance of food. 

And I was also very shocked to see that FOODIES will be a very good cook too😳have you experienced this?

October is a month where world food day is celebrated (Oct 16). 


As I said our friends who love to eat will have tasty hands to cook delicious foods and different varieties. They will like to try something new to cook and taste. So, for those friends who love to have adventures in food, the following will be the best gift for them, you can choose these gifts to impress their souls.

Kitchen decor

Kitchen is a place where one should feel the atmosphere and enjoy the time of cooking. To create this pleasing atmosphere we can add some decor to the kitchen. There are humongous ideas to arrange and decorate the kitchen. When you buy such gifts to your FOODIE friends it will show the love and you have for them. With these gifts you can easily impress them. Check for various chef decor items that are trendy and beautiful.

Indoor Planting kit

There are people who prefer organic foods, vegan foods or keto diet. They will prefer food items which are good for health, that are organically produced and safe to eat.

They will be very cautious and very picky eaters. For those friends who like to grow their own fruits and vegetables and cook with their own produce this will be the best one to gift. By giving this gift you can completely make them happy and well satisfied. Check for purchase of indoor hydroponics garden.

Mushroom log growing kit

This is also one of a kind indoor plant kit. As we say, having a pet, planting a tree or growing a flowering plant will bring peace to oneself. Mushroom cultivation is also an art of peace. This gift will surely bring peace and happiness to your friends when you gift them. 

The care they give for this mushroom growth, the eagerness and attentiveness to see the stage by stage protrusion  of this mushroom will bring out joy and immense pleasure to see their cultivated art. This will be a very unique and unforgettable gift for your friend. As important to say Please do not forget to go and taste the dish with this mushroom your friend cooks . Check for purchase.

Air fryer

Here is a wonderful invention in which we can cook crispy, crunchy fried food with no deep frying in oil or no shallow frying with fatty ghee/ butter too. Air fryer is the best gift for your FOODIE friends when they love to eat deep fried dishes. We can use it for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. This fryer can be used in most of the cooking. This gift will be the best gift for our FOODIE friends.Check or for various options.

Grilled personal pizza maker

When we gather for dinner with friends, grill and barbeque has become the most common and convenient dishes for all. Why not add pizza to it?  All we need is a grilled personal pizza maker.

Add your toppings to the crust, place your pizza in the mini oven with the lid on, and pop it on the grill. In less than 10 minutes you’ll have personalize pizza with a crust worthy of your favorite brick oven pizzeria. The pizza maker is less than eight inches in diameter, so you can bring it along anywhere you want to cook out. Check for purchase.

Customized Spice kit 

You can appreciate your friends’ cooking creations and motivate them to keep it up by giving this gift. This gift will bring courage and self confidence for those who are planning to withstand in their path of cooking and creativity. You can select this gift based on the friend’s favorite color and boost them up by making it as a customized piece with name imprints or motivational quotes. A customised spice kit to spice up their cooking. Check

Family cookbook 

Even though we have tried a number of varieties of food, wherever we go our heart will crave for the authentic food of our home from our mothers hands. So, even though we try to cook different varieties, one day or the other we will do home flavor cooking. Many people say  FOODIES mainly will have the habit of carrying Mom’s recipe book wherever they go to cook family flavors for themselves when they have cravings or miss their home. 

For these friends the best gift for you to present is a customized family cookbook to treasure their family recipes and carry along wherever they go. Check and 

FOODIES are those who know the value of the food and its importance and thus will know the value of life and the sufferings of the people who are without food. They will not waste food just like that. It’s not because of his greediness, it’s merely because of the importance of that food. 

Even if you don’t know how to enjoy the food when you have it, please do not waste the food when you get it.

 Treat the food in a good manner then somewhere somehow we save our country for our next generation.

Hats off to the FOODIES who do that. Gift your lovable foodie with any of these unique gifts and make their day special.

Happy Gifting!!

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